Custom stick for 360 and PS2

Anyone managed this yet?

This is my next project as i’m awaiting delivery of my 360.

I’ve figured i’m gonna have some problems as the 360 pad doesn’t have a universal Ground connection like the PS2 pad, however the PCB i’m using from a third party pad seems to have some common ground connections, it appears as though most buttons ground is connected to one other buttons ground connection.

So the plan is to have a switch (or set of switches is more likely) that will swap the set of ground connections for the 360 over to the single ground connection for the PS2, this way I can have both PCB’s inside the stick and two wires coming out, one for each console.

Anyone else tried this sort of thing yet or had this sort of idea? The only problem i’ve seen is that sanwa sticks use a common ground connection which I won’t be able to use for the 360, but I was planning on using a Happ competition anyway.

You’re in for a world of hurt.

The 360 uses a matrix + diodes setup rather than common ground, except for Start and Guide which share a common ground.

You can do it with switches. It’s gonna take a lot of switches, or one honking big printer-type switchbox. You’re gonna need about 28 wires coming out of the 360 pad, after all.

However, the best way is to build a custom circuit board - probably like this one, depending on which PS2 PCB you use.

Top, before adding wires:

Bottom, completed board:

It cost about $15 for the parts (after shipping).

Within the next month I’ll have a detailed guide about the process online, so if you can wait, it will save you a ton of trouble.