**Custom Stick Lottery Draw**

Important News! due to member noticing that numbers chosen from lottery are put in descending order, The winner will be picked out of the “Bonus Ball” due to it being the fairest

After getting a nice idea off someone ?Tmo? from SRK. it came to my mind that a lot people cant afford custom stick but would love to own one. So thought it?d be cool idea create prize draw raffle system.

This is test run but if it proves to be positive I won?t mind hosting more sticks up for raffle in the near future.

The reason I?m doing this is because I?ve been left with an unwonted custom stick due to the person disappearing and not being able to get in contact with them after months of trying.

Could be someone?s lucky day

Well with this new opportunity by R.A.D are going to hold a ?Lottery Type Raffle?

Every participant will choose a number and be entered into a draw, when the number is withdrawed the number given to the participant will be awarded the custom stick.

How this works?

Every wednesday a UK national lottery is done this consists of 6 numbers. The first number to come out will be used. So if number 23 comes out first that will be the winner of the custom stick (if no one is chosen on the first number, it will continue on the second & so on till we get a winner)

Lotto Draw


I will post link of the national lottery to show people that this was not a fix.

The fee to enter the draw is 5 ($10), this gives everyone a chance to own a custom stick for 5 ($10) (a lot work has gone into making this custom stick so its well worth it)

*Get brand new custom stick
*Fully wired with sanwa parts
*Pay no more than 5 ($10)!!!
*Free shipping anywhere
*Winner gets to choose their own type of artwork which we will printed for free

Everyone who enters the draw will be given a number and added to this thread

Participants List: (Have the option to choose your desired number if not taken)

  1. BigBryan
  2. NOD
  3. Paper Tiger
  4. Rob
  5. Paper Tiger
  6. Killer 7
  7. Ruby86
  8. Killer 7
  9. NOD
  10. Urth
  11. ATB
  12. Pulpasis
  13. Marus
  14. WarriorRichie
  15. NOD
  16. Zak
  17. LittleEgg
  18. Sunoco
  19. Don Joff
  20. Private-Ryan
  21. Zak
  22. Chunkis
  23. Urth
  24. Private-Ryan
  25. ATB
  26. Urth
  27. doublexxcyclone
  28. Sunoco

1)Each member can have more then one slot to increase their chances of winning.
2)There is 49 slot cap, but this raffle will only take place if there is 20+ entries.
3)To enter participants must pay 5 ($10), so they can quickly be added to the participants list.

Please send me pm or contact me at paddyhacker@gmail.com with your chosen number (please pay immediately to be added to the draw)

Type of payment is Paypal:

Please send payment to paddyhacker@gmail.com

The Draw starts from now and will close on the 12th September. Draw will go ahead if the first 20+ slots are filled.

Good luck!

Pictures of the Prize.

none of those links work :frowning:

edit: yay!

cheers shoo

And what if none of the numbers come out? 0_o

this will work out so well because SRK has a bunch of gamblers.

out of 6 numbers it bound to be one them! lol

Cool idea, but for 10 dollars ehhh even though that’s like paying for shipping, so there’s 49 slots to choose a number between 01-99? Do you assign for the number or does the participant choose?

Edit: I also feel bad for Killer 7, spending 40 bucks…smh, i hope he doesn’t win just so i can laugh.

You’re as cold as ice, lol.

You can choose a number between 1-49, because theirs a only 49 balls in the national lottery.

The numbers you see on the front are the numbers which are taken by members. So numbers left you are aloud to choose from.

P.S. $10 wont pay for shipping from London (UK) lol

ahh i see, well…this will be intersting:rofl::rofl:, but it looks like it wont take off until another 5 slots are taken…I don’t mind volunteering for the wild card :smiley:

I stand by my previous statement concerning Killer 7

so does that mean you to enter? :wgrin:

why not take a shot? :wgrin:

Good idea…but I can’t help but notice you could potentialy make 490$ a stick, hahah. 200$ for a starting price isn’t so bad, but the more that enter the better for you, I guess. Shipping to the US is an arm and a leg, too.

well i knew at the end of the day noway in hell gona get near 49 spots, maybe 22 if im lucky.

ya shipping is $40-50. not nice indeed

yeah that’s true, he’s already profited $100 bucks if shipping is $40-50, if 3-4 more people enter then he pretty much just sold the stick, clever:rofl::rofl:

Got remember im not from USA were its pretty keep for parts.

sanwa stick and buttons is $30-40
ps1 ds at around $15-20 here
Primer is $12 a spray can
paints $12 a spray can
plastic is another $6-10
wood is another $10
QD disconnects are $2.50 for pack of 12 (14 is used on a stick)
so were does profit com in?

then $40-50 shipping

not cheap here in UK, seriously think about it

even if he is doing this to make money… its a good idea to get rid of an unwanted stick and there will be a lucky winner who got a custom stick for cheap… i PMed… ok i didnt pm i sdidnt know your paypal acct was right there ill shoot you a pm later when i get to use someones paypal acct

redit haha pmed number

cheers dude :wgrin:

38, 16, or 12 is gonna get you the stick.

Man, I would enter but my lucky number 44 is taken :sad:

sad…I don’t even have the money to enter this, otherwise I would!