Custom Stick-Off?

What if we had a forum custom stick competition? We’ll take the nicest sticks from the pictures posted, and have everyone vote on their favorite/most original?

We can even have multiple categories?


i like this idea kinda like how they do it IMM with av’s

except building a stick is alot more time consuming and expensive, than making an avatar

it might work we’ll see, ill talk to chipper

Will there be prizes ;), once I finish my stick, I’ll enter it heh!

due to the time/effort involved, you could/should include past sticks. just showcase any given builder’s best work (past or present) & let that represent his entry. no?

LOL popularity contest?

This seems like it will go strait to Brydo or Timoe.

err seems like they’ll be judges and the sticks posted will be nameless untill judgings over.


lets do that ^^

problem is if we do past sticks, those have been probably posted on SRK already and probably seen by a bunch of members.
we would need like a two month deadline to give everytime and ideas…etcetc
and ground rules will need to be set up.
for ex: how long we’re given to build these sticks and or are mods allowed or must they all be built from scrap.

I’m not sure we need to have anonymous sticks. I would think that most people would be able to judge without any bias if an unknown builder came up with a superior product.

I was planning on making a ‘Pimp my stick’ contest for Evo last year, but it fell through. cool idea though. Too bad I don’t build anymore.


we might be able to organize that

we meaning whoever wants to help and/or judge

i have some thinking to do

stares out window

I dont think we should do past sticks…lol…I want to show some future work off.

Honestly, past sticks wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. I know I’d personally vote for Per’s sticks every time even if they weren’t shown. His Gaara stick is STILL the best stick I’ve ever seen built. And the insides were still the nicest to date : D

Also, he’s my hero and mentor : D

But I think new entries would be best also because there have been soooooooooooo many nice sticks built in the past. You could spend weeks finding and posting all of them

Lastly, new sticks would be cool because you could do themed contests. Like “Best 360 Stick” or “Stick for Girl Gamer” or “Best Stained Stick” Even separate categories for “Best Modded T5 Stick” and such would be cool.

Just my opinion.



i like that idea

im gonna start planning something and ill let you guys know.

i just dont know what the prizes would be :confused:

WTB solid gold bars to melt into a stick case mold.

But in all seriousness that would be a cool idea. Wish i had wood working tools :frowning:

are you ready!?!?

No need for prizes, I don’t think because that means the prizes would be coming from someone donating them which is cool of them, but we can’t expect people to donate prizes all the time.

Also, it’s just for fun (and bragging rights) anyway.




i think we can do a best stick mod, rather than building a new one

If i get 5 Yays we’ll do it

yay or nay to Best Stick Mods!?!??!

Yeah do stick mods first since they take less time. And at least this will give people time to work on a new stick.

Are you thinking of making this a monthly poll? I assume it would be. Weekly would be way too frequent.