Custom stick owners with USB jacks instead of pass through USB wires

How is your reliability?

I originally had my stick set up like most other customs… with the usb wire from the hacked pad coming out of the joystick. I didn’t like this solution and through my modding decided to put an inline USB connector on the external surface to simplify things.

Now I am getting intermittent issues. It appears to happen with multiple USB cables, so I do not believe it is the cable side. It doesn’t appear that it is happening inside the joystick either because I have checked all the connections and they are solid, plus the insides don’t move around at all. I hotglued over all my solder points on the USB jack so those aren’t flexing.

Unless my assumptions are wrong, this only leaves the external connection points of the USB jack as the problems. I have tried wiggling the USB cable around and its not consistent in where it fails and where it connects, I have yet to get 100% confirmation that it is this junction.

This is my setup. USB connections from PCB routed to junction box, then connected to USB jack. DPDT switch not being currently used.

I will be using a multimeter to do some testing shortly, but because its not consistently failing it will be hard to have the multimeter catch it in a “broken” position.

Ideas? Comments on problems with your USB jacks? More robust solutions?

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Real jack? I just grabbed one from our electrical engineer here at work. Granted its meant to go on a PCB but since the USB spec is so strict I didn’t think there would be much difference in the build quality. What exactly are you referring to?

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My reliability is fine… there’s nothing inherent about using a jack that should cause a problem.

You didn’t mention what the intermittent issue was, but if it’s intermittent there’s probably something moving around in there causing a short. Make sure all your solder joints are solid, and no exposed wire or metal might be touching during play, keeping in mind the stuff will be upside down while you’re using it.

Sorta related story. I have a wireless (sixaxis) TMO stick that kept powering off on me. It’d always turn on properly, and all the buttons worked, but I’d start using it and pow, it’d turn off. Frustrated the hell outta me for a while, because I’d checked and rechecked everything, and all the connections were clean.

The SIXAXIS PCB is in a project box, and the way it laid when it was upside-down caused it to put a slight amount of pressure on that bitty reset button. As soon as it moved enough (a few slap-happy button taps, or waggling the joystick just enough), it’d trigger the reset and turn off.