Custom stick PCB

I am looking to build a custom stick that will work on a PC and a PS3. The sticks will be suzo inductives and it will be a 2 player stick for my arcade cab. It needs to be USB but I’m having trouble finding a PCB that will work for this as I dont want to use any adaptor. I was looking at the ultimark I-PAC but it doesnt work with ps3. Does anyone know what I can use that will acomodate 2 sticks 16 buttons 2 player buttons and has 1 USB out that will work for both ps3 and a PC.

i think there are drivers that allow you to use a ps3 controller on PC. though my friend with a ps3 failed to get them to work.

hrap3 or VHSG pcb’s

this really didn’t need its own thread. Some research wouldn’t hurt

Everything they said was correct, but in order to have one and only one USB cable coming out, you’ll have to wire in a hub inside the controller and use the hub cable as the USB cable out.

I had thought about a hrap3 but it would require 2 PCB’s 1 for each player and this would be prohibitivly expensive. I was hoping someone made something like the I-PAC or the xarcade byoac kit. I was going to have a USB switch outside the Box to switch between ps3 and PC. I have done alot of research but I am unable to find what I’m looking for. When you say I will need a hub inside in assuming this is to connect the 2 hraps. Will this function properly on a ps3?

To the best of my knowledge, yes. I havent tested it personally, but this is exactly what the Rock Band hub does.

o what your saying is that my only option is to buy 2 of the nicest arcade sticks you can buy, which are almost impossible to find and verry expensive if I do. Then rip them apart and stick them in my abortion of a controll pannel and hope they work with my suzo? I really hope there is a better way to do this.

To do what you’re asking for? Yes. Either deal with it or rethink your requirements. Allowing two USB cables would prevent the need for a hub. VSHG PCBs are nicest, but you could always use SIXAXIS controllers, HFS3 PCBs, or HRAP3 PCB’s.Caveat: not all of those are common ground, and may require custom electronics to properly support your Suzo. Allowing converters would allow to to use any cheap PSX controller as the guts. But, for the requirements you listed, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying to do. I wish you the best of luck in your build, but have no interest in receiving sarcasm from someone I try to help.

irst I want to say sorry and thanks to toodls. I left you a pm apologizing for offending you. I was thinking about this and I was wondering If this is possible. Go from I-PAC to the ultimarc ps2 adaptor to a 3rd party ps2-ps3 adaptor?

I have no idea. I have not heard anything about how well the Ultimarc stuff works with converters, so you might want to email them and ask.