Custom stick question.

Hey,I’m a new user here and i have a little question ^^"
is it possible to create a stick that has the buttons on the left side and the stick on the right side instead of the regular sticks in which it’s the other way?
if it is possible,then how much do you assume a change like that will cost?


I actually accidentally cut one yesterday using the Astro City Japanese dimensions. I forgot to mirror my drawing before putting on the CNC :).

It is possible and shouldn’t be much harder than making a regular custom stick. As such I doubt any of the builders would charge you much more (if any more at all) than a usual custom stick. All the wiring and stuff is pretty much the same, you just have to drill holes in different places.

sooper easy

I don’t charge at all more, its a matter of preference. I never seen anyone charge more personally either.

I charge more for anything, everytime. Its not how much it costs, how much you got? :wgrin:

That is an awsome reply Tim.

astro city dimensions

HEy Ed_Farias,

When you say the Astro City dimensions, do you mean the entire metal cp dimensions? The reason I ask is because I am purchasing an astro city that doesn’t have a cp so I was thinking to maybe build one myself. I can’t seem to find the dimensions of the metal cp piece though.

No, just the dimensions of the buttons and joysticks in relation to each other.