Custom Stick Question

does anyone know where I can get PS1 dualshock PCB or controllers for a good price?

Wrong place.

ebay is your friend

Try local flea markets. Also, try using a good thread title.

Under couch cushions at various friend’s houses.

True Story

PIC burner and toodle’s hex. :slight_smile:

(Oh, and the cord from a cheap ddr pad)

will a non-Sony brand PS1 dualshock get the job done or what?

I don’t trust non-brands, sometimes they have a shelf life.

I got a bunch off EBay $10 shipped apiece. A 3rd-party brand will work too, but probably won’t be as compatible with adapters ot generally last as long.

non-brands controller reason labour cheap are not good skill solder on PCB.

The only non brand controller I used was the only one I had fail.

I’m repping you for that quote lmfao.

Hahah :rofl:

I only every look there for leftover pizza.