Custom Stick Request

I haven’t set foot in here since SNAAAAKE built my stick last year, so I dunno if requests are taken in this manner anymore, but here goes.

I’m coming out to Evo again this year. THIS TIME, however, I’ll have a fucking stick that I’m used to before I go out there so I don’t look like a damn scrub.

Price isn’t a real issue, all I ask is that:

1: It has ALL Sanwa parts. I can’t play on US sticks anymore. It feels wierd as fuck.
2: I would like some poor, OG-graphics SF shit on it, preferably with Gief on it. Go wild, all I want is OG.
3: A decently sized PS cord. SNAAAAKE’s stick had like, 2/3rds of a standard PS2 cord on there…=/
4: Button setup =
Please ensure both Start and Select are there.

5: A way to disable certain buttons. Small switches, anything. I want to be able to turn it into a Tekken stick, then an SNK stick at will.

I will give you my first-born if this can be done and delivered before the end of May.

Edit: first-born = extra $50

this stick will cost you alot of money… roughly 300+$ if you want it exactally as you say…

The switches to turn buttons off would be hard IMO… but i beleive it can be done.

Art is no problem
8 buttons is no problem
stick is no problem

your main problem is that you wont be able to trade your current stick in… most of snaaake’s sticks are soldered on… meaning it wouldnt be worth the time and effort for the stick builder to salvage the parts…

you will need to pay the whole price, atleast to ANY of the stick makers around now adays.

This is a type of project that the-darkside would take on, but ur running 350-400$ if he does it.

how much does an all sanwa stick cost w/ graphics and 6 buttons +1 for start?

why dont you just map the butons however you want in the games options and just not press the buttons you dont want to use? whats the point of disabling buttons? i dont get it.

wit art and such? i beleive it starts at 150 bare minimum using a shit box… good boxes will run you about 180-200…

add 2 more buttons = more time+more $ + shipping for them + more… so 8 buttons would come to about 215… then the switches he wants will be time consuming and at minimum wage it should come out to about 290 or so…

this isnt fact… just what i have seen…

darkside sells his sticks for 200$ or more for his 6 button ones… so thats just some basic information for you.

just thinking the same thing my self lol

If you ask me thats a modest estimate. If you get one of the elite stick makers thats a professional hourly rate you can expect to pay. It’s the worlds finest.

Adding switches to turn off and on buttons is not hard. Its just a little extra wiring, and parts, and mounting. Instead of:


it would be


and the switch would be normally closed.

I’d do it except I’ve never worked with Sanwa parts and I’m not going to start on someones custom stick :slight_smile:

Sike-out strategy :wow:

Saotome, how about a modded HRAP? Im pretty sure I could figure out how to change those turbo toggle switches so they enable/disble the buttons, and they’re already labeled with the button name. Let me look up some pictures of the HRAP and see if it can be done. Sanwa buttons would be nothing to put in. The only other thing needed to match your specs is the artwork, which would have to be taken to Kinkos and printed on sticker paper or some kind of plastic/mylar. Or get it powdercoated:

Edit: Closest I’ve found is this pic: (Geocities, may have to cut n paste into browser) and I havent found any pics where the little pcb board is removed from that small plastic doohicky that houses the switches. I think it would be doable, but until I could see what that piece looks like without the pcb on it, I can’t say how hard it would be. Anyone should be able to throw in a 10 switch DIP switch into any stick, but I think this way would come out the most professional looking.

ReEdit: There’s probably a way to do this with digital logic. Say, hold down select, press down all of the buttons you want to disable, release select, and those buttons would be disabled until you replugged the controller, or hit select and start. Hmm. I dont know how realistic it is, but I like brain candy so Ima gonna try to figure out how anyways.

Yah well i know i’m the noobie in selling sticks on srk, but i have sold custom sticks in the past. I only do HAPP parts for now…i am currently looking into Sanwa parts. And i sell my sticks with art for around $100-110 including shipping. And i could and will customize to ur likings.

Because in certain games, some buttons can’t be unmapped(KOF). I’m using this for competition purposes, I don’t want one button multis to come out in the heat of battle.

I understand that I have some heavy requests for this stick, but I’m willing to pay the full price for something that I can rely on.

Man, if you figure out how to do this, PLEASE share :karate:

I’d be happy to if I had one to hack one. Saotome hasn’t said anything if he’d be interested in a modded HRAP or T5 stick, so I’m assuming he’s getting a fully custom one built by someone else.

Shin Ace and I are banging heads for ways to disable the buttons by adding a circuit to the stick. He wants to use a separate “enable/disable” I want to use start and select together. Hold start and select, press the button you want to de-activate, repeat to re-activate. We’ll have schematics up once its completed.

Saotome, if a fully customized T5 or HRAP like I described would fit the bill, let me. If you want a custom build wooden case, then someone else would be better than I.

to activate/deactivate is easy and simple, the way i think is to run seperate ground to the buttons you want to act/deact, then connect to a special button(or a switch)for the ground, so you can switch the ground on and off…

:confused: Which is great except:

  1. Requires an additional switch. My way will use the existing switches.
  2. Requires a toggle switch, and not a momentary switch like the happs, sanwas, and other parts we already, know, love, and use. My way will use the existing switches
  3. Requires an additional toggle switch for each button you want to be able to disable. If you want to disable short, disable jab, and either/or, you would require two toggle switches. My way will use the existing switches.

ok, i see, so you try to mod the HRAP, i thought it was custom box…
put extra buttons on HRAP would make the box look unattrative…


I’m gonna have more to spend than I thought. In the end, I want 2 sticks. I already have someone willing to try my request using their method, so this will be for the 2nd stick.

My range is 250-400(I can go higher if really necessary), and the first guy that finishes a stick(and gets it to me) will get $50 extra, AND 1 year Prem from me(you’ll also be in my +1 Positive Rep Rotation). I will pay via Paypal upon pre-shipment of the stick. I will also put up postmarks of the boxes so it won’t look like I’m screwing anyone.


Can someone tell me why a bunch of pieces of wood, stick, buttons and a pcb costs 200 bucks? You can get wood for less then 20$, stick is about 28$ and buttons are 12$ total and if lucky, you can pcb for free.

Paint, plexi, tools, labor, etc.

Of course you could always make yourself a speakerbox joystick and be fine with it.

Like the poster above said, the remainder of the price is pretty much accounting for laziness on the part of the requestor. I know that even if I WERE to get the parts, I wouldn’t be bothered to put it together myself or even make it look nice. I want a quality job, so I’m not gonna go for cheap stuff, and I hope whoever is willing to put this together has the same outlook.

If you want to do what I have asked in my first post for less than $200, by all means do so, and I’ll pay you less than $200 to do it. Otherwise, STFU.