Custom Stick Request

Your estimate is way off. If he wants all Sanwa Parts, you are looking at $28 for the stick, $23 for the buttons, say $9 for shipping that, so $60 for your arcade parts. You can get a good premade box kit for about $40 (wood & plexi & shipping). Add in $10 for a decent PCB (I wish I had a supply of free PCBS!), and you’re already to $110. These are costs to the maker before he’s even started. Then there are the hours of work the maker puts into the project, any special requests / art / special wiring, and FINALLY, shipping to the recipient. For a quality custom stick, you can see why the cost gets up there fast.

I forgot about that. Here’s a link to the infamous Frankenstick:

Holy shit…

That thing looks like something out of my nightmares as a kid going to arcades…;_;

Correct me if i’m wrong here… but wouldn’t that be a really bad idea? Given that Start+Select is the reset command for most all Capcom fighting games?

Im thinking just select would be the way to go, that way start could be one of the buttons you disable (avoid pausing/reset during tournament, still have select for taunt). Or it could be made so that start and select together wouldn’t send those commands to the pcb, only individually. Now that Im understanding the how to add on stuff to the pcb’s with digital logic (the same crap Shin Ace’s been talking about for at least two years now is just sinking in), the skies the limit. There seriously is no limit to what could be done or how it could be made to act. Any way you can decribe how you want the stick to act, can be done.

wouldn’t it be easier to use a series of switches on the back or something? the way your describing it, it’d be hard to tell which buttons were activated n which were off wouldn’t it?

Switches on the back would be easier. But it wouldn’t be as nice. Everything would be enabled when the stick was unplugged, or the console rebooted. By ‘the skys the limit’, I mean anything is possible. Setting up a batch of LED’s that flashed one color when the button was pressed, and another color if the button was disabled, would be easy to do. Im not trying to sell anyone on the idea; if its not how you’d like to do things, then don’t. Do it however you like.

While you’re at it can you set up a little speaker to play me 8-bit songs? j/k.

the shagstick2.0 owns you all.

I maaaay make a 3.0 just because…but eh dunno why I am spamming this thread, sounds like a nice stick you’re asking for…and for $250 minimum, I don’t know why you don’t already have a stick in hand!!! If I was more ambitious, I’d build this for you. But my rate’d be about $300-350 cause you’re asking for alooot of customization (the art, the switches, and the sanwa parts all cost a good bit)