Custom Stick Request

Alright here’s the deal. I’ve been a long term Street Fighter 3 3rd player for a while. This has shown me the limitations of using a standard console controller. I am now in the market for an arcade stick. I’ve searched through the board looking at various sticks and websites finally deciding I want a custom one for sure as, from what I read, they are almost required for high level game play.

Buttons and stick easy to activate (Japanese) Considering the perfect 360 though I am not clear on its purpose beyond being digital and being 8-way.
Quick stick snap back
Small dead zone (I think)
Compatibility with PS2 or USB if possible

Looking at what it takes to make a custom stick I know that I would be currently unable to make one on my own without explicit directions first hand though I suppose with some tinkering… That said are there any users HERE who make sticks? I have a pretty decent price range that I can work with so if anyone is interested or if anyone can suggest a service I’d be thankful.

What about the X-Arcade sticks? Are they any good via your preferences? From what I see many stick are very bland looking so I’m also looking for an artist to make a simple marquee with perhaps a character graphic – stylization’s welcome.

What I really want in responses to this is all your preferences. Me being a complete new comer to stick game play I need to gather as much player data as possible to figure out what I need in a stick without wasting 200 bucks just to find out.

I know I’m all over the place here but bare with me so that one day we can meet up at a competition and I can smack you down :cool:

Go to the trading outlet, this is not the place for this. We have plenty of sellers here on SRK.

ask the stick builders,

dont make a thread like this.

Whoa whoa sorry I didn’t even see trading outlet there. I’m really very sorry.

ps xarcade blooooooows!

Based on your criteria I think you would want a custom Sanwa stick with a PS1 PCB which by the way is probably the most commonly made and asked for stick on this forum. Then get a good PS to USB adapter and your all set.

And no offense, but the point of a custom stick is that it is made to YOUR preferences, not the preferences of others. If you aren’t sure what you want, find an arcade and see if you like those sticks. Or talk to friends and local competition and see if they will let you try out what they use.