Custom Stick Setup?

Just put together this setup and was just curious if such a thing was possible/purchasable/makeable?

If you want a keyboard-style interface for fighting games, you might want to look into a Hitbox styled stick.

It’s definitely makable, but I’m not sure there are any custom builders around that have a keyboard interface and a joystick in one case.

Well, aside from custom square buttons, I essentially am looking for a hitbox+the arcarde stick. Maybe with a switch to switch modes? Just thinking out loud here.

I appreciate the info.

Yes. Using a DPDT (I think that’s the term - double pole toggle switch thing), you can wire up the directional buttons and joystick to it so that you can switch between inputs with the flick of the switch.

You don’t need custom square buttons, just a way to make square holes.

Honestly though, go with a Hitbox layout.

(I said something that doesn’t make sense.)

You could get away with a SPDT switch for the ground signal for them unless you’re using an optical joystick then you’d need some other sort of setup to not mess up the golden rule.


To the OP: though in case of directional buttons + joystick, I imagine that the joystick will get in the way of playing on the d.buttons. In that case, consider investing in a JLF Quick Release and a butt-plug.

Just mentioning in case it isnt super obvious, I’m a complete newbie to creating my own fight controller.

With that out of the way;
If I wanted to go ahead and use the Brook Universal Fighting Board

Does it have the right pins on the board that would allow me to add directional input? such as a D-Pad found on Xbox/ps controllers?

Or is there a way to wire 2 sets of controls to the same directional part on the board?
Or would i need some kind of switch? (DPDT that Epi mentioned?)

Would I be better off buying the dreded SFV Madcatz Fightpad Pro and modding it into a case?

The goals:
Have a Fight Stick with directional keys (not combobox fashion, rather ASDW)
Compatible on PC, 360 and PS4

WIP to-purchase list:
Dpad - 4x Square buttons
Ball Stick with JLF Quick Release
8 x Square buttons (Yes i’ve decided to use them for punches/kicks, at least for now)
3 x Buttons for start/options/ect.

Sorry for the lack of knowledge, this is very exciting though to build my own controller/fight stick!