Custom stick wanted

With SFiV out its been hard to find a custom stick. I’ve looked into building one myself, but think for the prices I’ve seen listed it would be better to get one made by one of you that do it for a living.

Looking for a Japanese layout, Sanway stick and buttons for Xbox360.

I have $100-150 I can spend for this. What are my options?

did you search the trading outlet?

quick, edit the post before someone hates on yah…
check the trading forum I think there are 2~3 active users taking in requests (prices ranging from $140-$200 for full custom and $40-$100 for shells).

yeah dude check trading outlet…AIAB just posted soem for sale in your price range

Didnt catch the trade outlet, doesnt seem to show up for me in the forum list? i just registered so i will look firther. Thanks for the info.

he can’t use the trading outlet yet. look @ the forum rules.

^ he can buy but not sell.