Custom Stick


I was given a project a few weeks ago on making a joystick for class so i thought to myself that it would be a great way to start trying to make my own custom fightstick with a gamepad (can’t get a cthulhu within the time i have to hand it in).

But during the process of taking apart my gamepad I notice that the button seems weird, with my general knowledge of how the button works is that when you press the button the circuit will complete and the port will sense a complete circuit and register as an input.

So my question is how does a gamepad button work? does it work the same way as a regular button or does it magically just work?
Also if it does work as a regular button then how do I solder the wires from the button to the pad?


the first question is what gamepad are you using…


Logictech gamepad F310


Depends on the gamepad. Some are common ground (signal is pulled to high with a resistor, and when pressed is connected to ground. If voltage is high, button not pressed. voltage low, button pressed), some are common high (pulled low with a resistor, connected to high when pressed), some are other or matrixed that would take a while to explain.


I have not modded with that controller but I dont believe this is a common ground controller meaning you would have to solder both signal and ground connections to each individual button… which isnt hard but the extra wire could cause confusion… this wouldnt be a good controller to attempt any dual mod…
I only say it doesnt look like a common ground controller since the older logitech’s have multiple ground points to specific buttons… you might be better off finding a gamestop and picking up a madcatz fightpad


Ok I get the common ground and high but you said there can be other ways of getting input can you list them so i can search how they work?
And if the pad work with common high or common ground how would you check which one it is? (with a volt meter?)


Is there any differences between the two?


If you are asking about the logitech’s I would think that the design would be similar.
if you are asking about the madcatz fightpads I would suggest the sfXt for $20 since the pcb has all the inputs printed next to the pads to ease any confusion to what goes where…


so basically what your saying is that the madcatz one is simpler?


a lot…


When I did a pad hack stick with an Afterglow controller, I found that L1,L2, and the pad shared one ground. R1,R2, Triangle and the other face buttons shared another. Home, start, select, and the light button shared the other ground. So it might be a little harder to do, but you might not need a ground for each button. GL with the project


Ty do you know where the ground is located in the pad?


Each button has 2 contact points that connect when you press it, one is the ground the other is the signal. If you look at the d-pad you should see one contact that goes from one direction then goes to the next, and to the other directions. If you look at the pcb and you can visually see one of these paths going to each direction, thats your ground for those buttons.You can probably also see the same thing on the face buttons for a,b,x,y. I did not have a multimeter when I did the hack, so i had to do something I would not suggest. I used a piece of wire to probe each button from a ground to see which button was connected to which ground. I would not suggest it because you can burn out the controller, or a fuse in whatever it’s plugged into.


as Kuya mentioned, the Brawlpad, Fightpad,or the SXT pad are the way to go, and there are plenty of tutorials about where you have to solder all your wires to, really simple.