Custom Stick

Hello, I want to say I love the site! Just bought SF IV for the PS3 and came across this site because I want to build my own fight stick.

I really don’t build too many things. I’ve read a ton of threads and have a couple questions.

I “think” I’m going to use MDF board. Should I use screws or wood glue to hold the pieces together? If I end up using wood, then wood glue or screws?

What is the best way to cut plexiglass? I’ve done it once years ago and ended up cracking it.

Of the three main (at least what I’ve found) joystick makers Happ, Sanwa and Seimitsu, what are their top models? I am not looking for a comparison, I will do that on my own time. I just want to know which joysticks I should be comparing.


Info about MDF, wood, and plexiglass:

Joystick models

Just so we’re on the same page, MDF is wood. You can use either or both or dowels (check the example pages at If don’t want screws visible then I’d use dowels+glue, if you want it extra strong use screws + glue. At the end the choice is yours and either method should get the job done.

You can use a table saw or bansaw, just make sure you use the correct kind of blade (check out the instructional videos over at

Sanwa = JLF, Seimitsu = LS-32, Happ = sorry, I know nothing about Happ.