Custom stickmakers

I’m just going to throw this out there, nail me to the cross if I post this the wrong place.

Anyone interested in making and selling me a custom stick? Preferably in europe as shipping would be substantially cheaper. I’m looking for an 8button slight arched (typical arch setup from arcade though I’m pretty sure I’d prefer a slightly bigger space between the stick and the buttons as I’m a bit broad shouldered and don’t want more RSI :P) stick for the 360, wired with quick disconnects (solderless) and preferably setup so that I can easily swap buttons and joystick. Atleast the box is something I need made =). The electronics is something I could always bang my head against.

I have looked around for custom makers but either they seem to only do 6 button setups or they are loaded with orders for the foreseeable future and my patience is about as large as a virgin in the playboy mansion or kid in a candystore (They are practically the same thing) :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain Awesome

yes… you are in the wrong forum

and being 09 member you can’t post on the trading forum… i think you know that… that’s why you said “I’m just going to throw this out there, nail me to the cross if I post this the wrong place.”


Did not know there was a trading forum! Shows me how far off I am =) Sorry about that!

Cos we can’t see it…we’re not l33t enough yet.

I can see it, and I am '09. It’s way down at the bottom.

We can’t use it yet though.

You can see it. Its down the bottom in the Trading Post sub-section. Heck if you cant you should be able to, I registered in 09 and I can see it.

Although your sarcasm amused me.

09 Members can buy, and buy only.

Yes I can see it but requires 100 posts to post there and we are still allowed to buy =)

I’m more interested in getting a stick made ASAP than spamming this forum with inane posts til I meet the postinglimit though. As I said my patience is non-existant, a personality flaw I have to live with daily (as do friends, co-workers and family sadly :P).

Captain Awesome =)

It takes five posts to PM somebody. Why dont you just check out the trading outlet, look at the seperate threads for stick makers and contact one like that? You’ve already notched up 3 posts in this topic.

From what I can see, you’re are at least willing to do some of the work… how about buying an el-cheapo stick and gutting it? If you are in Europe, esp the UK, you could pick up one of these:

Wireless universal ultimate fighting stick - Amazon @8.73

Not sure if it’s worth the 6.31 GBP p&p but it will still only be under 15 GBP total… I’ve bought two of these sticks from the guy and he’s pretty quick to boot.

If you check out and Amazon you should be able to pick up a cheap-ish “common ground” madcatz 360 controller/stick for the electronics.

Finally, Gremlin Solutions are finally clearing their backlog now I think so if you ring them up personally to order you should have all your buttons and stick pretty pronto too…

The first stick I bought from the above guy from Amazon I gutted it and made into a wireless xbox 360 stick… my first arcade stick (hack job) and satisfied my initial SF IV craving!!

If you have questions/advice about the build then let us know… and if you opt for the above el-cheapo stick to mod then let me know. Here’s the link to my flickr photos of it if you’re interested:

ma10’s Xbox 360 Wireless Arcade Stick project @FlickR

Thanks for the advice mate =) !

Yea I was looking around for sticks I could just mod to be a 360 stick, 8.73 is amazingly cheap, I was even ready to spend 40 to buy a stick for gutting. The reason I haven’t yet is I was and am still unsure what stick is the easiest to mod. I read or am under the impression that a Cthulu board is needed to make it solderless (atleast doing it more easily) so I need a box that can fit the 360 PCB + Cthulu. I’m also probably more inclined to having a wired version as I’m unsure how I would make a nice and clean interface for recharing the wireless version.

Regarding a controller to gut for 360 PCB, can’t i just get one from a local store? Is there anything special about the one you mentioned?

Thanks for the info btw =)

unfortunately, the Cthulu board is actually the custom PCB that replaces the need for ps3/ps/gamecube/xbox1 controller PCB as it rolls all those systems into one… and it will only be solderless if you’re making an arcade stick for those systems only…

if you only want a 360 system then you gotta use a gutted 360 pad (no need for a Cthulu), be it wireless or wired… so you will have to do some soldering to get it to work!

The reason why I specified the madcatz 360 controllers is that they tend to be the “common ground” versions which are a hell lot easier to solder and requires less wires to do so when making your arcade stick. Since Madcatz have seemed to have stopped producing these “older” controllers that is why I mentioned CEX and Amazon to buy from as they tend to stock these items, usually 2nd hand although they may have new ones at extra cost…

You can still use the official ones but it is harder to distinguish from the “Common Ground” version of the controller to the older “matrix” one… plus the official ones usually cost more than picking up a cheaper perfectly usable 2nd hand one that you’ll end up ripping apart anyway(as long as the internal PCB is sound)!