Custom Sticks and Player Position Indicator LEDs

I’m currently working with my old MAS recently converted to be a 360 stick (and as soon as Lizardlick opens up orders again, scoop up a Cthulu to put in it too). One thing that I’ve found to be a minor inconvenience was the lack of seeing the LEDs from the guide button, and would be the same case for the PS3’s player position indicators. I’m curious as to whether there are buttons with the quad-LED setup that can be put into a custom stick and then wired to the pad to replicate the status, essentially making it into a true guide button, or if someone here’s come up with some creative alternatives. This isn’t exactly something I’ll cry over if I can’t replicate, but it’d be more convenient and I’d like the challenge.

u can solder wires to standard leds (+ an appropriate resistor) from the spots where you remove the SMT leds on the pcb.

iirc the 360 smt’s are in a common line, don’t know about ps3 ones.