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Here are some pages for an article I put together for Alley-Oop! Magazine, containing interviews with builders from SRK:!%20Winter%2005_files/EditedfinishedAOwinter_Page_36.jpg!%20Winter%2005_files/EditedfinishedAOwinter_Page_37.jpg!%20Winter%2005_files/EditedfinishedAOwinter_Page_38.jpg!%20Winter%2005_files/EditedfinishedAOwinter_Page_39.jpg

We are still waiting on Ad money to print, but once it rolls out, you will be able to buy it from I’ll update when that happens.
Additionally, You may have to right-click on the images and select ‘view image’ to see the pages with readable text.

Very nice :).

Great article. You interviewed the cream of the crop in my opinion. Each of these people not only make great sticks with innovation and creativity but they also frequent the forums to help aspiring stick builders like myself!

Oh and just to point out some typos before it goes to print, I saw two on TRNG’s interview. They were probably because English isn’t his first language or maybe just a typo when putting the article together.

  1. TRNG’s response to question #1: “It started of…” I believe it should be “It started off…”

  2. TRNG’s response to the funny mishaps question reads, “I have had small mishaps but anything worth talking about.” I believe it should be “but nothing worth talking about” or some kind of rewording of the like since the prior statement leads us in that direction.

I hope those help! Keep up the good work everyone!


Thanks for that feedback. I actually did catch the typo about “anything worth talking about” but the “of” one, that one I did miss. There is more to this article than what you see here, with a Dreaded fist review as part of it.(currently laying that one out) This is just a pre-print preview, not yet edited.

Anyway, I’m glad you liked it!

I think it`s my fault, but he can change it I hope.
Sånt händer ^_^.

good work.

you did pick the cream of the crop… but i’m wondering why you did not talk to dreaded fist instead of sonny (snaaake), because according to nearly everyone that i have heard from that has bought sticks from sonny they are badly wired and the box was made badly. Plus phong has a much better finished product i think. Minus the fact that sonny can do artwork, i really don’t find anything special in his stick building abilities.

Nice Job and great selection of builders too !

Snaaake was one of the first to respond, and he wanted me to show pictures of his cabinet. I don’t know him, but he was polite to me and outwardly, the photos looked good. As I mentioned above, Phong/dreaded fist will be featured as well, but his stick is an actual review and not an interview. He does want to be in and have his stuff featured in the article, but he would rather me do a review than an interview. This is only a pre-edit version of the article, so there are 2 more pages not shown.

You should have interviewed Catch22 from the forums. The guy was making Sanwa sticks before anyone you interviewed. Sad that he never gets props for his amazing work.

Final Cut you made a fuck up in the Snake section. You have a picture in the top right of that capcom stick which was infact made by Finkle.

No, that’s the continuation of Finkle’s article at the top. That’s why the picture is there.


My bad. The size of the pictures is so damn small on my high res display it is hard to make out. Any chance of high res pictures, Final Cut?

Wish I could. Thats just a preview though, maybe I’ll see what we can do once it is finished. We’re having to redo the whole magazine, maybe I can make a PDF when its done.

i can’t see the snake portion. Is it in there to highlight the potential pitfalls of buying sticks online?

cool stuff. im interested in the mag when it comes out. what is the rest of the mag about? or is it all about arcade sticks?

right on.

Final Cut, if its not to late or you plan on doing more interviews, take his advice.

No way you interviewed the cream of the crop…

don’t sleep on this nigga.

Those sticks look really good too. I haven’t followed the VF scene too much till the past few weeks, If I hadn’t already done everything, I’d send that guy an email too. As far as the quality of the sticks being featured, the only one I’ve actually set aside for review in quality is a Dreaded Fist custom, even though I know a lot of the guys from the forum mentioned in the forum, I haven’t used custom sticks from all of them, nor experienced their customer service.