Custom sticks for sale at Fanime

I’ll be at fanime ( this friday through monday (all 4 days) and I’ll have an art table and will be selling a bunch of my custom/modded sticks along with a select variety of other crap I have in my house.

I’m shooting for around 150 on the customs though negotiable to an appreciable degree depending on which stick it is. PM if you want price quotes on the other crap i have in the pictures except the tiger which is not for sale ;).

I’ll also be willing to fix/look at broken sticks if you bring them and if I have time. PM me for more on that…

But, just to get the word out. Tell a friend if you know they’re interested please :).


Currently the custom sticks are wired as such:

big fat all white one -> gamecube
modded tekken 5 -> PSX
modded doa4 -> 360 (duh)
refurbished finkle stick (american one) -> PSX
red stick -> unwired
black stick -> unwired.

Between the red and the black, I can wire it to a wireless PS2 controller or a wii classics controller. I can also swtitch out the GC pad in the white one for the classiscs controller (wii-mote not included).

if you have specific requests (art, parts, etc) on the sticks, please PM me NOW.

sorry, I’ll be posting this in a few places because I’m not sure where to put it. Hope no one minds.