Custom Sticks UK

Figured i’d start an official thread for Custom Sticks UK.

We build complete sticks as well as just boxes, we’ve been busy trying to get through a backlog of orders (as i think everyone is right now).
We are also trying to work on a few different prototypes for other designs of joysticks too.

All our sticks come with various options like clear plexiglass bottoms instead of wooden ones.
We build all items to order, so we can build the item with your custom options.

We ship worldwide & the sticks are built here in the UK.

Please check out our website CUSTOM STICKS UK

Any questions, feel free to get in touch, either on here on via our website. :tup:

only renders??? even on your gallery page you dont have any fully completed sticks? surly with all the sticks you make (through all your backlog) you would have taken photos of them…

We havent finished all the backlog yet.

If you are patient you’ll see the sticks, we’ve got a backlog of mainly boxes and are awaiting parts for full sticks.

maybe you should have been patient before posting your official thread then? i mean, it would be nice to see the product you are trying to sell before considering the purchase…

or even having one full stick up for that matter, for a stick building site i would expect to at least see one full stick…

I’m just working on a full stick, i’ll put up a picture as soon as it’s completed.

Interesting =) Might order from you guys =)

i am going to be ordering from these guys, its good to see i atchly found a UK stick builder.

just 1 question that i think i emaild to you already…cant you do an 360/ps3/pc mod for me so i can use it on all my gaming systems?

Ya after a couple mails where they added octoganal support on the stick and told me timeframe I couldn’t help but be impressed and happy =) It’s a bit steep as I could probably half the cost making it myself but I’m lazy atm! =)

all ready been called out.

That thread is epic.

I hope this site is legit though, as it is very hard to find things like this in the UK.

You would still trust him after all that shady business?


Now that I think of it, probably not!

lol, i knew i had seen those renders before…

Guys, if you want to bash me for the other post fine. Do so in PM.

Please don’t drag this topic down because until you have ordered from us, you can’t honestly comment on the service we offer.


Sorry to hijack the thread but I am also in the UK, I have now built 3 sticks from scratch over the past 2 months and would happy to build one for anyone that requires one - all 3 have been for the 360, plexi top and bottom, sanwa joystick and buttons, artwork, wired, 6 buttons on top with start and guide on back or sides.

If you send me the artwork you want, button colours, top panel layout preferred and joystick colours we can sort out a price.


Please could you not hi-jack this thread & start your own if you have a service to offer. I didn’t go along and hi-jack any of the other stick builders threads.

don’t even act like you’re the one being persecuted here. you’re purposely making this thread in Tech Talk because you KNOW aren’t allowed to sell on this site yet; you tried to advertise your business through a shill which didn’t work out; AND YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A FINISHED PRODUCT. you are dishonest.

You may be honest but to say you are capable of providing custom sticks just seems shady without images. please for your sake provide pictures of finished sticks, even own personal ones. People are being cautious as there are many taking advatage during the current SF4 craze.


I totally agree. I have been building sticks for the last two years. I have the body of my work photographed and posted in photobucket for all to see. I do this as a service to my customers so they can see how their case is progressing. You should have some pictures of previous work instead of renders on your website or at least a link to where they are hosted.