Custom Sticks UK

I’m advertising in Tech Talk, as i saw lizard lick and many others do so, not because i can’t sell on this site.

I will provide pictures, there’s a ken control panel on my site (the one in my avatar) as well as several boxes, i’ve not yet however assembled them completely. I’m trying to work on the woodwork before going on to the electronics. And i yet have to paint some.

Here’s a link to the gallery page of my site. HERE

Until i have finished this latest batch, i wont have any photos that have not already been seen, no point in lots of photos of the same design of box. lol

As an 09 member you are not allowed to sell.

all the other stores have items to actually sell, you dont seem to have that… thats the differnce

we (i sell boxes in canada) because we are not 09 members… 09 members are not allow to sell for 6 months from their join date


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