Custom sticks, what the purpose of using an official controller board?

Is this imply for wireless functionality or what is the reason behind using controller boards in custom sticks?


Well, for one its almost impossible to emulate an xbox 360 controller without having a licensed controller from microsoft. Only two groups have been able to do this which is mayflash and That’s also the reason why when modding its almost always that modders use either a TE/SE board, a madcatz 4716 controller or a madcatz fightpad

Ok that makes sense.

Would it work to mod with a PS3 controller for wireless functionality?

Yes. It’s possible to hack most any pad out there. Some Are just harder than others. Check out the pad hacking thread in tech talk for more info. You can find the link in the arcade stick FAQ here in the newbie dojo.

Be warned though, many tournaments ban wireless pads/sticks.

Ok thanks, no tournaments for me so np there. :slight_smile: