Custom Sticks With Leg Straps?

I have absolutely no experience with custom sticks so I’m submitting this idea with 100% humility. Somebody might have thought of this before and it failed, I don’t know. I know stick players and have seen stick players. When they play with them on their laps, it tends to slide all over the place. At some point I imagined that a person could make a custom stick that had velcro straps coming out of the bottom. Each leg could be strapped individually instead of one loop going around both legs so the stick will remain in place regardless of the player moving their legs closer together.

Well, that’s all I got. If it doesn’t work then I didn’t lose anything by posting. Just thought this might help.

how could you stand up? what if you didnt like where the stick was mid fight and want to adjust it?

what if the place catchs fire?! or an earthquake start shaking asses?!

seriusly, it cant be a good idea for the same reasons net_diver pointed, it would be little, if any, practical.

You guys caught me off guard with that. Velcro is easily adjustable. If you want to get up or adjust then just RRRRRIIIP. How could it not be practical?

don’t worry i got a solution. still in the design phase though.


I was thinking more of a stand like a tripod for a camera that would easily position over your lap… but the problem there is stability.

A lot of times I just put my left leg over on my right leg and sink it into the small gap. It keeps it there but the position gets uncomfortable after a while.

Currently working on tractor beams. :looney:

Why not just try to make a really heavy stick? I can imagine any stick with straps would just move side to side, especially if it just rests on your legs. Not much better than what you have now. Also, if I ever saw someone “strap” on a joystick I would not know whether to laugh or cry.

i actually like the idea of velcro straps…hmmm.

well, you get it to where you like it and then that’s all.

It wouldn’t move side to side if the legs are strapped individually and not just one loop around both legs. If you try to push it left then your right leg stops it, if you try to push right then your left leg stops it.

But yeah, it would look weird. Some people aren’t worried about that though if it helps them win.

"Come on in honey, i need help strapping my stick on."
Now that will net you a bitchslap.


But seriusly, try to build a stick and apply your method, than you’ll see if its comfty or not.

Your idea is so genius! I’ll build a stick that is 500 lbs. so that it won’t move around on my lap while its TURNING MY FUCKING KNEE CAPS INTO BONEDUST!!! And I don’t think they would let a bulldozer into the tournament because I will need one to CARRY THE DAMN THING!


Dumb ass niglet, it was obvious I was referring him just leaving it on the floor. Some people do actually put weights in their sticks and it helps quite a bit.

That’s helps alot for people that prefer to sit on the floor. But I was figuring that people who prefer having the stick in their lap deserve something like that too.

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