Custom Sticks?


Wheres some good places to learn, Also is there a place where i can order all the parts in a package to experiment with?


go read the sticky thread labeled “read before posting.”


People in TO used to sell sticks and buttons as a bundle, but I haven’t seen people do that much anymore. Better off just buying the parts yourself from akihabarashop/LL/gamingnow/modchipman.

#4 -sticky - read under “customs” section.

For shopping, - a select few are worth its low price.

and you can also shop at your local lumber yard, homedepot, lowes.


Yes i read the post but im a hands on kind of person i know that will lead me to flames XD, Sorry starcade, is there any videos? i should check out like tutorials for beginners? Also is there a place to buy the woodwork and parts, Im trying to learn the inners before i start woodworking myself.


There aren’t many videos posted, but many of the links included in the sticky have lots of pictures.

No offense, but try harder. There is already an asston of excellent info out there on custom sticks. Go read it.

I see that you just recently registered. Good, welcome to SRK. Look around a bit and come back with specific questions.


Thank you im trying to be specific, Here this might help i want indepth tutorials more video based because im more of a visual hands on learner.


Go read slagcoin from the beginning. It’s posted in the sticky and also in this thread.

It’s very thorough and has lots of pictures.

Here is the link again:


Okay, If i need any help ill post thanks


not many people care to try to video tape something as precise as pcb hacking as most people have trouble setting up a camera to record this. The work is not practical to video tape. Pictures will have to do since not many stick builders are videographers.

So unless you can get a modder to show up at your house, you are going to have to learn to refer to diagrams to do this.


Ahhh thats too bad someone should start doing videos for it.


it would require a macro capable camera and a really good lighting setup along with a camera man since soldering requires what feels like 3 hands but somehow gets done with two. Its sounds like a lot of work with no reward to make something when pictures and text available is adequate for most people. Maybe when you figure it out you should make the vid. It would be cool.


Yea it actually would be, Im sure it would be alot of hard work with no reward, But you get a sense of feeling knowing you helped someone which is always great why did you guys help me when you didn’t need to you got no reward :D?


here’s another good tutorial…
The Beginners Guide to Making a Top Tier Arcade Stick: Solderfree Edition


Thank you a solder free edition saves me an additional cost.


Solder free is not possible with Xbox 360 FYI unless you get a pre-hacked pad. That solder free board is for PS3 and PC.

There is also a MC version, that adds PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox1 functionality, but that requires soldering.


Yeah well I agree that it would be nice, but honestly it’s almost like any other woodworking. Just search youtube for “fine woodworking” “joinery” as of most the methods used by quality builders would apply here. Same goes for soldering, there are TONS of videos with tips on soldering up pcb’s and tips for clean up and maintence of your tips.

With the all the solder free options out there your time would be better spent learning about woodworking and gathering the required tools. Grab a few slabs of poplar at your local hardware store and cruise the many worklogs here. I started a thread “the woodworkers thread” for this reason and there are tons of video links tool discounts and building tips if you are just starting out :lovin: