Custom Supergun builders?


Lately I’ve been shopping around for SuperGuns on eBay and I found that the options in build quality and features to be lacking. For instance: the SuperNova build is enclosed in a nice box, which allows you to rest the game on top, but the harness for the Jamma PCB appears fragile and isn’t shrink tubed. Some SuperGuns have compact plastic enclosures and support higher quality video outputs, such as Component and S-Video, but the price is extremely high!

We have some talented custom arcade stick builders, but I’m wondering if there are any SuperGun builders. I really like the MAS SuperNova build, but without the exposed wiring on the harness and with the high video outputs.

In terms of price, would $300 - $400 be feasible for this project? Or better yet, can the price be cheaper to undercut eBay sellers?


Superguns are pretty simple animals. You could always just roll your own.


They’re a niche item that take a while to build by hand and can use somewhat expensive parts (RGB encoder). You’re gonna have to pay for the good ones unless you can score a bargain.