Custom Two-Player Panel for a PS3 Cabinet?

I’ve been looking around the 'net for a two-player control panel for a future PS3 cabinet build. I’ve seen some of the Blast City panels and was wondering how easy/hard they are to mod for PS3 use. Also, I have a spare PS3 Madcatz TE. I’ve been thinking about finding another one on the cheap, throwing them in a custom panel and putting art down over the top so it appears seamless, as one solid panel.

Any words of advice/caveats? It’d be nice to mod one of the Blast City panels but I’m not confident in my modding skeelz at this point. Any one use two TEs cleverly? Pictures are approved. :wink:


The panel is just a sheet of metal with holes, a joystick mount of two and a vinyl art applies to the top.
Save the TEs for something else just get 2 cthulhu PCBs two joysticks and 12 30mm buttons and 2 to 5 24mm buttons.

Don’t scrap a TE to build a cab, if you don’t want the TE sell it to fund new parts for your cab

There would be no scrapping, USING. Yes, scrapping, HAIL NAH. But yes, I’ll check into all the alternatives. Using a Cthulu board sounds like a great idea.

Rubix - check your messages. I’ve done exactly what you’re looking for with a astro city panel. Sent you a link with the details. did a little write up about it here:

that’s a sweet set up you got there.

@magocyber thanks man… updated my post above with a link to a write up i did about it.

Hell yeah. Much appreciated my man.

@rubixgroove - anytime man hit me up if you need any help…