Custom universal cabinet


I did not introduced meself realy so: Heey i am Thomas, i come from The Netherlands and i am 17 years old. I like ‘‘old’’ games and also thinks like arcade cabinets. And i want to build my own cab so here the story: (and if me English is not realy good, dont punish me :slight_smile: i am doing me best)

The last few weeks i got more and more done with the ‘‘modern’’ kind of games. I just did not get any fun out of games like Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 anymore. Then i tought about the fact that i realy like the old fashion arcade games.

So i wanted to build an arcade cabinet. And there begun the issues:

  • i have little room to put an arcade cab in my room
  • i like old designs but the modern ones too, so i want to combinate that
  • building plans are realy hard to find. There are much plans, but good ones are rare
  • i cant work because my muscle illness, so costs cant realy get high.
  • little knowledge, so i read more about this subject then i did the last year about other things i think XD
    -combinate the design of the vewlix arcade cab with the upright cabs

After 4 days of searching, i came to the conclusion that this was not gonna get cheap. But then, an hour later. I found the ultimate solution!

I never thought about the fact that i just can fit the tv on the panel instead of behind it. That makes building a lot easier. Next part where the controlls. I have bought an mayflash arcade stick for the PlayStation 2. Just €30 (what is around 45$ i think). Unfortunatly the retailer had only 1 in stock and could not order more of them so i must get the other stick out off Belguim i think. But thats for later.

I allready have virtualy every part i need to begin building. I have a tv/monitor (syncmaster 2470HD), Sony PlayStation 2, Tekken 5, arcade stick, money for MDF plates and paint.

The picture you see above is not me build yet, mine will only be 43 cm (17 inches) deep. Because the little room in me room. Also there is no need to have a big (with big i mean deep) cabinet because the screen is outside the cabinet, and a PlayStation 2 dont take to much space.

With a bit luck i recive the arcade stick tomorrow. And start making dimensions. And i think i gonna start building next week.

I want to know what you think about me project and thoughts. So please speak your mind :wink: !


Six buttons. Good choice. :wink:

So is the plan to have the sticks on the front of the cab, or just scrape out the parts to place in a control panel?


wow 17 years old…Im 18 and i could only wish to do that lol plus no money :sunglasses:

Well anyways good start 6 button layout and from what i can see it looks like a good height. If you hadn’t started the button layout i was gonna say maybe you should tilt the layout a bit soo when playing with 2 players they don’t feel too close haha.


@ mistahsnart

Surely not on top. Maybe for the time being. I rage everything out of the ‘‘original box’’ and place to lose parts into the control panel. But the Mayflash does have an PCB what is not realy convertable. So i thnk i gonna cut the box around it. Leave only the top plate and place in the control panel. Something you see in this cab:

I can also lower the hole sticks in foam. The harder ones. That looks nice in my dj flight case setup that i have. So thats also an option.

You can say, i am not realy sure what to do :razzy:


This is not my build yet. This is only an example. I am 2 meters tall so i need some hight in my cab :slight_smile: Thats why i talked about the rare building plans. Most cab are between the 1,60m and 1,80m. I look straight over that :rofl:


It won’t be hard to mount the TV inside if you still have the chance, you can then put some art with plexi over it to give it a really finished look. I can give you details if you like.


Heey Hardcoregaming,

I realy appreciate it if you can send me details about mount the tv inside the cab :tup:


I don’t have any pics of my last one but I’ll take the pic you posted and edit it right now to show you the idea. Give me a few minutes and i’ll be right back.


:rock:Amazing! i standing by


I see I see well in that case you should try in innovate a new design based off the build you want.


Yep, thats what i am trying. Only thing now is that i havent all the parts so i cant start making an build plans :eek:


I took your picture, edited it, and had to put it on my website to link it here. Let me know if you want the pictures removed from my website for what ever reason. Let me know if you have any questions, here you go:

Edit: You’re going to want to attach the monitor to the MDF or Plywood backing in picture number 4 (The smaller picture). Put as much (or little) wood as you need beside the monitor to adjust the depth and allow the monitor to sit ALMOST flush (just a little recessed) from your front screen panel area.


Thanks for your pics Hardcoregaming. But i think i am gonna put the tv/monitor ontop. Because i want an ‘‘out of the box’’ design :).

The funny thing is that my school have an mame cab. I asked for the build plans. And me teacher said maybe the maintenance team will build one for me XD :smiley: :clapdos:I hope so :slight_smile: but thats not sure yet.

I will keep you guys updated.


The mayflash arcade stick just arived! NICE! it looks so cool. I think i am not gonna put this sticks in foam of cut them. The sticks look very nice are they are!

Second update:

The mayflash stick is realy nice. But the bad part about it is that not every game support the stick. So i decided to take me old pc. Clean all the dust off. And install windows 7 with mame. I finnished to windows install yet. Not Mame because its a bit strange how the installer works. Or i do something wrong. Anyway, i am starting now to make some building plans. And start building next week!


Heey all,

another update from me! I have the building plans ready. Unfortunatly i had to send the mayflash stick back because it did not work properly. But i found an new new tekken 6 wireless arcade bundle set for just €20! So i gonna buy that tomorrow. Pc is ready. I thinking of using an crt tv instead of an lcd monitor…But i am not sure what to do. Do you guys got tips?

I hope to start building next saterday. Then will be me next update.



Little update so far.

I tought about collors. Those will be black overall. And red line. And i want, of couse, that me control panel is the same. So i maked this. The 4 buttons on top are the sanwa 24 buttons. In red. Also i gonna buy red balltops. The ‘‘play’’ buttons are black so it kind of ballance between the little bit of red and the overall black collor. The dustwashers gonna be red. I think i have to spray paint them :stuck_out_tongue: buts that no isue



I started building! hell yeah :D:D:D After making the building plans and choose what i want. Now here are the first pics.

What i have done yesterday

From another direction

What still have to put on

And all the tools :slight_smile:

Its based on the lindbergh universal arcade cabinet. When i started thinking about buidling one i came up with another design. But after taking some dimensions in me room, that was far to big.

I will post some other photo’s later this day if i am finnished doing wood work.




Too high. For long sessions, sit down is so much better than stand up.


Maybe a bit, but it is not the sit down version. And because i am 2 meters tall i need some hight :stuck_out_tongue:

@D3V i have no room for that, so i made an upright. And i me back gonna hurt, i can allways take an bar stool :wink:


A sit down isn’t any wider/longer than an upright.

The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!

Dev is right.
Traditional uprights, Candy Cabs, Cocktail Cabs all have the similar sized floor space/ foot print.
Actually Cocktail with 2 players will take up more space but that is factoring both players and not just the cab it self.

Only cab designs that would be smaller are bar top and mini/micro cabs (mini can fit in your lap).


You are a bit right. The site down take on its own not more space then a upright cab. Because you have to sit behind it. Anyway, i finnished with the control panel. The bottons not in yet. I am not sure what to do, build me arcade stick with casings and all the stuff in the control panel. Or lower them into the panel and put some kind of plexiglas ontop of it. Of just take the parts and put them in the wooden panel. That for laters. Also i did put the bottom plate in. Its more solid now.

Whats left is:
-put doors in
-put speakers in
-Fill up all the screw holes
-2 layers of primer
-2 layers of clossy black
-put red stripes on
-tv mount

And them i am finnaly finnished. So i think that will be next weekend :slight_smile:

Room shot

Other room shot

unfinnished control panel :razzy:

and the pc


Not bad so far, I love to see the finished product.

Remember for MDF, you will need to use primer first before panting.
With natural wood, the grain holds onto the paint, and the paint bonds to that micro texture. On MDF there no grain, no micro-texture. Primer allows the paint to “bite” into the surface and really allows that paint to bond to the surface, and it help prevent peeling and flaking.

Wait you said 2 layers of Primer, opps my bad. I just too lazy go back and actually edit the post before I click the send button.
Hopefully others will read this post and remember not to forget primer.