Custom Vector Stick Illustrations


If anyone is looking for custom artwork in a minimal/vector style, I am doing commissions again.

Check out my gallery at :

or watch my speed paintings at: Channel Gravityroad

Thanks for peeking =]


B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L work, how much for a commission?


Prints of the work I’ve already made are on my store for 30 and I will size them to fit whatever panel layout you are using.

If you want to talk about commissioning a custom image email me with your ideas and we’ll talk about it.
My email is

Thanks for looking at my work =]


My new illustration of Lambda from Blazblue made for Black_Raen! Check it out:

Visit my youtube channel for the speed painting:

Channel Gravityroad


The dust has settled from my move/aclimating to my new job. I am available to do some custom illustrations again if anyone out there is interested. Again, I will create images inspired by any fighter (or not fighter) in any theme requested. Shoot me PM or email me at if you’re interested. My gallery can be found here: : gallery