Custom Vewlix style Sanwa joystick with metal panel

Hey guys,

Many of you have seen my vewlix style Happ joysticks, and some have requested to see a Japanese model. Well, here it is. With my newly arrived Sanwa JLF and OBSF, I’ve started on a slimmer version of my previous box.

Happ - Chun Li:

Happ - Akuma :

Here’re some features this new one will have in the end.

[]1" thick sides
]2.5" deep slimmer design
[]0.093" Acrylic top
]1/16" steel control panel (12"x8")
[]1/16" steel base
]Sanwa JLF
[*]Sanwa OBSF-30 and OBSF-24

I originally thought about using 1/2" MDF for the control panel, but seeing how much routing is involved, I decided a metal panel was more fitting. Besides, these parts were designed for metal panels anyhow. So far, I’m extremely happy with this decision. It’s proven to be very sturdy and heavy. One thing I’ll do differently with mine vs TE is the joystick shaft length. Personally, I feel Mad Catz recessed the joystick too much on the TE. I’ve compared the TE to my local arcade and the joystick on the TE is definitely shorter. I’m hoping this model, when complete, will perform better than the TE with added weight and longer shaft.

Here’re some pics compared to the TE. This is still a work in progress, but I’d like to hear your opinions.

That’s a beauty! Such a resemblance.

do want for PS3!

Looks good. :tup:

Why’d you decide to go shorter?

A slimmer box won’t sit as high up playing on a table. However, my previous designs used Happ parts, which required a taller box due to parts’ height.