Custom Vinyl Decals and Stickers

Post idea or image here or PM me with the details. For quotes I will need color, size and quantity. Looking at the example images will give you an idea of what type of graphics can be cut with vinyl. Single color cuts work the best.

Logos/designs to be cut are preferred in vector format, but I can work with jpegs, gifs, etc and convert them to a vector format if they are large enough to begin with.

Work can be cut up to 24" in height and as long as you want. All vinyl is rated at six year outdoor life and is completely waterproof once applied.

Most single color decals you have seen on cars/trucks, I have in stock. I can also make custom decals.

Colors currently available for single and multi-color cuts:

Examples can be see here:
Vinyl - Album - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Full Color Decals
I can also do full color printed decals. These must be ordered in quantities of 100+ due to the labor involved in the process.

Feel free to ask questions. I respond to PM’s usually within the hour.

Shipping is normally USPS Priority $5.25 any number of decals, any size. This includes delivery confirmation. Shipping for decals 12" x 9" and smaller is $2. I cut decals the day they are paid for and ship the following business day, ask anyone who has purchased from me, I don’t jack around once I have payment.

You can also check out website @ Gammastrike Designs

Specific Items

Custom button cover for Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu clear button plungers. These are available in all colors, custom designs available as well.

$6 for first set of 3xPunch 3xKick.
$3 for each additional set in the same color.

New Designs
Here are a few of the new button covers I am working on.
Yin Yang

The Spider and Yin Yang still need tweaking, but the others are ready to order in any color.

I’d be down for the shoryuken and hadoken inputs. white on black 1x3 inch stickers. how much ?

They are going to need to be bigger than 1 x 3 if you want the detail in the fist.

What would you be sticking these to? Normally vinyl is a single color, black for example. In the majority of my sample pics you are seeing the backing paper behind the vinyl.

I want the fist like this. and the points on the arrow to be bigger. also no + sign please . and remove the last forward on shoryuken

I will work something up tomorrow morning and see what you think.

You can use this.

Came from this.

You can use the Shoryuken that is in there too.

just like that, but I want arrows instead of the joystick motion. maybe you could try the arrows in circles too?

How is this?

yeah that works. how much you askin? the edges will be smoothe right?

Yes, the edges will be smooth, the low quality image I posted has jaggys, but the cut will not.

The smallest I can cut this with 1" height is 1" x 4.43".

At that size:

two color, black vinyl over white - $5.25 shipped first class

single color black (so the area that is white in the image would be negative) $4.25 shipped first class USPS.

Is that for each? Any sort of a break?

That is for both.

after lets say u dont want the sticker anymore it does leave residue right?

Okay. what about quantity? what would you consider quantity?

It will leave a slight residue after a few months. Rubbing alcohol will remove the residue completely.

I would consider quantity to be 10+

can you give me some price increments. say 10, 20, 50. thanks

Two color or single color?

both. can you post a version of the negative. also on the size. would you be able adjust the 1" to make it proportioned to the 4.43" ?

The single color cut would be just the black. Anything that is white in the image would be where you see the surface to adhered it to.

Here is an example. Below is the image I use to cut with.

Here is the an example of the image cut and applied to a window. (see how the black areas are negative)

Here is a quantity quote on a single input as previously discussed.

Single color
1 x 2.00 each
10 x 1.50 each
20 x 1.25 each
50 x .95 each

Two color
1 x 2.50 each
10 x 2.30 each
20 x 2.10 each