Custom vinyl Street Fighter figures

Just wanted to show off a little of my work. As I finish more pieces, I’ll update the thread with photos.

Each of these are made with blank vinyl Munnies (Mini-Munnies, to be specific). I use a Dremel to grind down pieces on the doll. Then I sculpt on top of it. Colors are done in acrylics and marker.



I also customize Xbox 360s. This is a piece I made with a broken 360 I had laying around the house. I wanted to see how it would turn out. Too bad it’s broken!

Ah, cool. They look like piñatas, lol.

Sell these, they’d make great decorations. Maybe even Capcom will like them. I think even my mom would like these, they’re adorable.

Necro! Hahaha, these are awesome.

Any plans on making any more characters? This makes me want to customize my blank Munny that’s been collecting dust in my room x:

It never really occurred to me to sell them, but it’s something I’m going to try.

I do have plans for more characters, Street Fighter and otherwise. I think my next piece might be a Kingdom Hearts piece. I’ve been wanting to try building a piece that couples with some custom accessories I sculpt from scratch.

I’d be interested in seeing what a Gouki one would look like.