Custom x360 stick builder. Wireless. See if you like


Hello all. Been on a different forum for a while, thought I would check this one out. I’ve been building MAME cabs for a while now and decided to give the arcade sticks a try. I’ll show you the pics in order that they were built. Feel free to comment or ask questions or contact me if you are interested in these. Note: Cannot get sanwa until around 4/1/09.

This is one of the first ones. Uses a mad catz sf IV fight pad. Turbo funtion in-tact. Happ Ultimate stick and comp. buttons. SOLD:wgrin:

Second one. Sanwa stick, happ buttons wireless.

This one is wired. Sanwa stick. Happ buttons. SOLD:wgrin:

Latest, all happ comp. Wireless. I know, ditch the red stick.:looney:

This is a work in progress. No longer placing start button on face of stick. Moved to back with other admin buttons.

I am waiting on a sanwa part order to come through. When it does I will post pics. I will try to go ahead an answer some common questions.
-Wireless sticks have easy access battery compartment for rechargeable batteries.
-Charge and play can be done. No prob, just more $.
-I like happ better. Not for looks but for accuracy. Don’t want to start a fight, just my opinion.

I’m sure there are many more but it’s late:wasted: Hope you like.


is there any headset jacks and are you willing to sell one day? =)


1st question: No, wireless headsets are readily available. LOL. No really, they’re just a pain. I was thinking about trying one soon. It’s not the soldering or removal. I just want it to look good.

2nd question: I have already sold 3. Which day?


i’m looking to buy one, but it seems everyone has you booked too hahaah i’m will to pay like 100 to 120 for a stick…


pm’d you


That’s way too low.


how’d you mount the battery?

i made a wireless recently that used the entire housing from the wireless pad.

i molded it into the side of the case and used breadboard and wire to extend the battery connectors to the holder. looks nice.

i can show you pictured in case you’re interested.


A 2009 seller in the wrong forum?


not bad, i like the simplicity of the design


Sorry Kooper, I’m new to this board. I looked around and this seemed like the most suitable place. If there is a special place for builders please direct me.

Pixldotz the battery compartment is flush mounted on the bottom of the case. I’ll send a pic when finished with the new ken stick. I would like to see the pic of yours too.

Omega Dante. Sorry $100-$120 isn’t enough. Look around, I feel my prices are inline with other builders. My price for a wireless is $180-$250 depending on customization and weather sanwa parts are used (sanwa parts are about 40% higher than happ).

Thanks for the questions.


@ cappadonna

not trying to steal your thread or anything but here are the pics i promised.
the last of these pics are Pre-Cleanup. so the actual finished product does not look like the last pic. my next one is actually going to be flush mounted on the bottom of the stick. all this was just a test to see how well i could do on a wireless CG 360 pcb. extending the power cables was the funnest part.


Is the ken one still up for sale? Sent you a pm


I’ve got a question, why is the empty area above the buttons so large? If you moved your layout up there would be more room for palms to sit on the stick.


Ah I believe I saw one of these while looking for a stick on ebay. nice work


Just a heads up, you might want to fix the aspect ratio on that last Ken artwork.


Here we go, in order of q’s asked.
-Nice work on the charge and play. There is an easier way, no soldering. Hide C&P kit inside case and use a USB gender changer (pass through). Very small footprint.

-I kind of pride my self in the compact size of my sticks. (Don’t fret, not too small). I have enough room with this design to move the buttons up another inch maybe. Thanks for the comment. I personally have had no trouble resting my hands.

-What’s wrong with the aspect ratio. Except that it looks like he’s flipping you off. LOL


Do you sell your sticks on ebay? If not can you make me a sanwa stick with any artowork I want? I can’t pm so can I email?