Custom Xbox 360 Arcade Machine

Well im thinking bout making a xbox 360 arcade machine, theres a couple of things im looking for. Ill just list them

1.You guys favorite arcade machines and comfortable machines(Dimensions)
Rite now i have a Mortal Kombat machine dimensions

2.Best but cheap parts I have looked around at the links given but i dont know what is good and what isn’t

3.How to make/hack/Rewire a Xbox 360 controller into a Fight stick

4.Or just some things you guys would reccomend

  1. I hack xbox 360 pads. :slight_smile:

I actuall built a ps3/PC arcade machine so I coup actually help with this. My first suggestion is to build a JAP style sit down cab instead of an American stand up. It took 4 sheets of MDF to build mine so it’s like 250 lbs. Also I have to sit in a stool which is less comfortable than a chair. Also a back to back machine is much better than side by side. You won’t bump into each other. If you want some pics PM me of if you have a any questions.

Gonna make a standup cabinet when sitdown Cherry styles are superior? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with yer project. :slight_smile: Gonna go with tube based, or a flat screen monitor?

This was posted in another thread

Im gonna go with a flat screen monitor just have to find one with the least lag.

hey Hugeballs lol van you send me them pics of that sit down cabinet. thanks

Who says sitdown’s are better? Nothing brings back the memories like standing in front of a Neo Big Red or a Street Fighter machine with that nice gray straight across control panel.

I converted an old standup arcade cab into a SF rig, and I really would prefer to have a sit-down, like the vewlix-style one posted above.
The standup is freaking huge, it’s much more comfortable sitting down, viewing angles are more annoying, and finding the perfect barstool is proving very difficult.

Mostly a preference thing I guess, but I can’t really think of advantages to a standup. If I started again, I’d definitely go sit-down.

No mine is a stand up. But when I built it I didn’t know there were sitdown machines. Now that I have a stand up I want a sit down. I’ll post a link to the gallery in a minute.

i would make it a sitdown, and give it a flat screen monitor for HD resolutions.

damn nice stuff

This is my PS3/PC cab. Nothing like having a full cabs weight under your stick. <-- buy this if ur in the area.

install another monitor. get the second side populated with parts and install pcbs
install a 360.

here is the cabinet i built.

How do you switch the games on these?