Customcade Arcade Joystick box


Was looking around modchipman today and found they had these new arcade boxes in stock. Looks like a comparable price since it comes with the plexiglass top and bottom as well. Can’t really tell the button sizes from looking but looks promising, any thoughts?


but you have to pay an extra 5 bucks for that bottom plexi.

Here’s the link btw:


Thanks for the post and link. I think I’ll buy a couple to try out.

I was planning my own build, almost went to Home Depot to buy the materials today but did not get the chance to go.

This is great for me because I have zero woodworking experience. I’ll still probably attempt my own build sometime down the road just for the experience.


Anyone else order one of these?

I received shipping confirmation on my order, should be here in 2 days according to USPS.


There was a guy o here who ordered from modchipman and they used his credit card info to go buy stuff…




I don’t have any more money in the account anyway!! If anyway tries to charge my card with anything else they’re gonna be dissapointed. Hahahaha.


You guys Shouldnt be talking about crap you know nothing about. I have already ordered from them a couple times and had a great experience. I just put in another order with him and Expect it in a couple days.


I really hope you don’t actually believe this. I mean… you’ve already noticed that many customers have come to our defense… and we have no reason to actually fraud any of our customers.


My box from ModChipMan

I am very satisfied with the box. Outstanding craftsmanship.


Hey there,

The top buttons on that box are 30mm (obsf-30 or obsn-30 compatible). The front 3 button holes are 24mm compatible with threaded (obsn).

We received these the other day and have been messing around with them a lot. I’ve done a few different mods, primarily the snap-in buttons (obsf) to see how well it holds.

If you look at the actual box, you’ll notice that the top plexi is not affixed to the mdf by any means. It’s actually a pretty snug fit into an edge of the board. When I did the obsn buttons on top, I didn’t really worry about the plexi moving. The snap-in (obsf) buttons I was a tad concerned so I used silicone sealant (the stuff they use for fish tanks) and it worked out real well.

In the inside of the box, I used a madcatz retro arcade 360 stick, and the pcb fit fairly nicely right below the joystick area. I used a cthulhu as well and had ample amount of room underneath the buttons to mount the cthulhu and a euro terminal (12pos).

I’m going to stain my personal CustomCade box tomorrow and see how it turns out, but from my experience with hardwood, it’s a great wood to stain. I’ll probably use 2 coats and then finish off with a nice polyurethane.

Initially I thought the board was a tad large but it actually feels pretty good in the lap and also on the desk. The board came with 4 rubber feet and screws that affix to the bottom of the board at the four corners. There’s little notched corners on the bottom plexi or plywood so the screw/rubber feet keep the bottom board in place.

I’ll try posting some images of the board in the next few days, but those of you who are getting some, please feel free to post your pics here too, or email em to me. I’d love to post some of them on the site once you’re done with them :slight_smile:


See…I would order one of these right now to use as my #2 stick, but I’m concerned about button spacing.

Here is a picture from

The spacing for the buttons looks great!

Now…here is a picture from freebeer187 (posted above) of a complete stick using this box:

Those buttons are spread way to wide for my liking. Did he use 24mm buttons for the mains? Did the box come that way?

If the holes will be cut like the stock photo from the website, I will place my order asap.


lol… Ur right!

No the buttons are not 24. They are the proper size. I think it may be the picture but kfree will let us know what going on.

Anyway I am happy with the button layout. They are fine for me.


well i didnt make the thread but go check it out


I’ve been looking for a box too, and just noticed exactly what spektrum mentioned.

I’d also like to know the size of the box, or at least an approximation.

Any chance there’s a template for the art?

freebeer187, what stick are you using?


And after even further inspection…the joystick is mounted way to high or the buttons are mounted to low (depending on how you look at it).

The box looks great, but with those major design flaws…I will have to pass.


From what I understand from the makers,

is the layout they used (last 2 buttons are level with the others)

I can measure out the spacing between the buttons tomorrow if you’d like… just to make sure. Also, if there are layouts you’re more interested in, please let us know, we can pass it onto the manufacturers…

We’re wanting to make sure people who are using it like it… so if you have more feedback, feel free to share :slight_smile:


if they used that template, they messed up. period. the buttons are obviously too spaced out and the joystick location is just not aligned properly.

i would suggest that if they plan on using the 8 button layout (like on the madcatz fightstick), use this template:

if they follow that template to the mm…i would buy one. the quality looks great, but just a few errors prevent this from being a great buy.


It is obvious that the joystick mount hole is above the first set of button (closest to the joystick), which is different than the layout you provided. I do agreed the last 2 button are level with the 2nd, and 3rd set of button, but again it is different from the layout you just posted. That what stopping me from buying 1 of your case.


yeah most definitely… all I know is thats what I thought they used. I will check with them in the AM. The one thing I did notice was the board buttons were a tad far apart but I have big hands… and it felt very comfortable. The joystick being a tad higher is actually favorable in my position. That image you posted, the only thing I don’t like about the button layout (personal opinion) is that the bottom row of buttons is a tad offset. Other than that, it looks pretty awesome.