Customizing the TE Stick

Hey guys,

My friends all started to get sticks and pretty much all of us have the TE Round 1 sticks -_-… So I would like to really customize mine (without spending too much money). I was thinking what kinda things I can do, and I thought of…

Painting the side parts of the stick (the white parts on the left and right). First, is this possible? What kinda paint should I use?

Painting rim of the face plate (the red plastic part). Again, is this possible, What kinda paint should I use?

Changing the faceplate. I remember reading on here about doing this? Couldn’t find it? Is there a cheap method of doing this(like printing it on transparent paper)?

Also, I am probably going to need to take apart the stick. Just wondering if there is a tutorial on this? I’m hoping this is really simple? I really don’t want to fuck this up

Let me know what you guys think!


Painting the Fightstick (With Krylon or Vinyl Dye)
How to : Add Custom Art to your TE fightstick and swap simple options


for the rim, madcatz now sell different color rims on their website.
GameShark Store - Arcade Sticks Parts


thanks bro, you pretty much answered everything!

nice avatar btw, i miss stomping and soccer kicks in mma!!!