Cut Sanford some Slack


And, whilst I’m at it, stop acting all weird with Ricky. It’s kinda creepy, if I’m honest with ya. You know they’ll hear about all that shit you say about them on the stream-chat, right? Why do you think we end up having subscription only chat, so often. You fuckers can’t behave yourselves. I know, I’m one of the worst offenders.

Anyway, back to Sanford. This dude is really good at Street Fighter. Like, really good. So he gets emotional sometimes, are you not entertained? Dude wears his heart on his sleeve. Lighten up on him, sometimes. It’s not good to just hate on a dude the entire time. Makes him start to feel bitter.



Lol confusing SRK with stream monsters.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi


Guy with a burrito avatar quotes Gandhi.

I’m fucking dead.




I’m nominating Maximum_Spider as worst debater ever. Or best religious leader…


i think he confused SRK with r/Kappa


Stream Monsters tend to better than people with SRK in their GT.
Actually any player “online” with an SRK label is ass.


…I actually haven’t seen an SRK name online for quite a while.