Cut through a pc case

im planning on doing some pc case modding. nothing much just a glass window on the left side. I was just wondering what would be the best tool for making a sharp square cut through a pc case. I am guessing a type of saw, but Im not that hardware-savy. what owuld be the best thing to use?

draw your design and tape it to the back (the side that’s not visible) of the panel.

make a small hole on the inside of the drawing, then use a jigsaw with a straight block of wood to guide it.

cut at a moderate speed. if you cut too fast, the jigsaw might warp the edges of the panel depending on what blade you have on it.

I need to cut my PS2 case in a similar manner and asking around, the only answer I got was a small jigsaw. Something I’ll never be able to get my hands on. Who the fuck has one of those? Argh.

well at the very lowest tech (and cheapest) a coping saw works pretty good too. just make sure you have a steady hand, or some files handy if you want straight lines.