Cutting down on lag


Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been having a hell of a time getting good connections with Xbox Live. Here’s a little information on my internet.

I live in Clarksville TN. My ISP is Charter and I have 25mbps service.
Last week my DD-WRT router decided to revert to factory settings while I was asleep.
So I hooked up WRT54G V6 Router for my network.

Pinging Memphis (200 miles) for 57 ms, dl speeds of 16.mbps, upload at 3mbps. (Tested with

Take it to Xbox Live: I can play a friend in Nashville in SSFIV not even 60 miles away and have yellow bars. I can play friends in the same city as me and get yellow as well. The lag is so terrible on my Xbox that I can’t even play the game online.

Now before you tell me, “Don’t play online. Online doesn’t matter. etc” Try to understand that the majority of my scene lives 50-60 miles away from me.

Is there a way to consolidate the lag to a reasonable amount using specific settings in my WRT54G with factory firmware? I will ultimately flash my other router to DD-WRT but until then I would just like to make online gaming possible without the hiccups and lag. If I would put a value of lag into frame rates, I would have to say that there is a consistent 10 frames of lag at all times when I play online. Even with a friend within a reasonable geographic distance.

Everything else is fine, I can play games on my computer all day long with little issues. Once I get that Xbox going it’s like playing SSFIV on PSN.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I have two xbox 360s that could be connected to the live server at any one point in time. However the other is usually being used to play Puzzle Quest 2 offline, so there if very little (if any) data going back and forth.


Wait, why’d you have to swap out your router because it restored itself?

Try directly connecting to the modem and see what the connection is like, it could very well be the router.

WRT54G v6 is supported by DD-WRT so I don’t see why you wouldn’t flash it :slight_smile:


I’ll give that a shot when I’m home alone. Thanks.