Cutting out an image from a background help

Hey there, I am trying to cut ole Sakura out of this image:

So I can place her over another background. I have tried this with other images before, and always end up making them look a little rough around the edges. Obviously I am no artist or I am sure I could solve this problem.

Anybody have any ideas? I have tried to just smooth her up a bit with the paint brush and it doesn’t look as bad as being jagged, but it is going to take me hours to go all the way around here doing that (I’m picky).

I’ve tried the smudge tool, that is worse then going around with the brush.

So I’m just wondering if anybody has any ideas.

Here is the file that I have cut away everything except about a small layer of pixels around her:

If you stick a layer of black behind her you can really see it.

I guess if somebody could touch this up in 10 min, I would be really thankful!

Anyways, lemme know any ideas you photoshop masters have.

EDIT: Doh! Just noticed the photoshop help sticky, if a mod feel this should go there, please move it for me, sorry.

I’ll help you out, but I have to know if it’s from DeviantArt or not?

I found it on this site

It may be indeed, and I understand if you don’t wanna mess with somebody artwork.

perhaps ud means udon?

It’s official Udon art dude…

I’ll do it, I’ve been meaning to use that art myself. I’ll just upload it when I’m done.

I had a hunch it was Udon… dude.

I just wanted to know because I wanted to upload it on a site where I’m active and there are certain restrictions.

Anyway, here you go.

incorrect link, damn Tinypic

Just open it in Ps it is transparent.

Sorry dood. When people say “Deviant Art,” I tend to think of fanart right away, that’s why I said that.

Hmm, when I try to open yours in PS it gives me an invalid JPEG marker type.

It’s cool, thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know Tinypic switched them from .pngs to .jpgs.

Hey awesome dude! I’ll check it out in photo shop when i get home from work. Thanks a bunch.

Nice job! I’ll be sure to post what I use it for once I’m done :D!!!