Cutting out the unwanted parts of videos/making clips

It’s not that I’m running out of space, but I don’t like knowing that I have big files even though I only care about a small clip from each video. I have no experience messing around with videos so I’m new at this. What’s a good beginner program to use to handle this task? Any other information I should know before tampering with videos?


windows movie maker is a pretty good, free beginner video editor i suppose

Thanks. I gave it a try but it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped. I used a 3S match vid as a test video, and it automatically divided it into 10 second clips; for a longer video there would be so many. It did give me the option to combine clips so I get all the parts I want, but I would prefer to just pick the beginning and ending time of each clip myself. When saving it, I couldn’t figure out how to keep it at the original bitrate and resolution (when I played it back it was different).

If anyone knows how to solve the above problems with WMM, please explain. Wouldn’t mind knowing another program either, preferably one that won’t give the issues I mentioned.

Try virtualdub…it’s capable of handling most video formats, and you can specify which frame you want to start/stop editing. Usually, after you edit it, you can just do a save as and it’ll keep the original size and bitrate.

It’s used quite a bit for re-encoding videos so I don’t consider it a beginner’s program, but since this is pretty basic it shouldn’t take too long to figure out.

Damn. The help files for the program describe what I want to do, but it can’t open the files I’ve tried, which are .avi, even though various menus mention that file type. It gives the following error message:

*"Couldn’t locate decompressor for format ‘XVID’ (unknown)

VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to decompress video. DirectShow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable."*

After trying a few more, it seems to open .mpg files just fine, but also doesn’t support .wmv videos. The main ones I have that need cutting down are .avi videos. I hope I’m not totally out of luck here.

Have you installed XVID? That error message basically is saying that you have a video file which it cannot read because your computer lacks the proper decompressing software, which in this case is XVID.

Go here and download this and install it:

Then try to open the file in virtualdub. If successfull, this is how you can cut a sample from each clip:

  1. Open the video file in virtualdub
  2. Press the HOME key on your keyboard
  3. Move the bottom slider to the position in the video clip that you want to START the cut at
  4. Press the END key on your keyboard
  5. Press the DELETE key on the keyboard
  6. Move the bottom slider to the position in the video clip that you want to END the cut at
  7. Press the HOME key on your keyboard
  8. Move the bottom slider to the end of the video clip
  9. Press the END key on your keyboard
  10. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard
  11. Go to the VIDEO tab and select DIRECT STREAM COPY
  12. Go to the FILE tab and select SAVE AS AVI and then pick a place to save it to and then hit enter

This procedure will save a “clip” that you selected from your movie provided you followed the instructions to the T.

You my friend are a king among men. Thanks so much, it worked like a charm. I definitely will be using this program more in the future thanks to you.


but is really slow i was cutting out the unwanted parts of the KSK Ranbat

it took like 30minutes just to open the file and make parts

also it’s not very accurate :annoy: