Cutting Traces JLF PCB


So i think i have a non common ground Xbox 360 PCB board, i’ve read with the Sanwa JLF josytick you have to either change the switches to cherry switches or cut out the traces on the JLF PCB.

I don’t want to change to the cherry’s, can anyone tell me how to and where to cut the traces on the JLF PCB? possibly post some pictures up?

I assume buying the Sanwa 5-pin wire harness will be of no use with a non common ground Xbox 360 PCB?


What I did is to use the 5-pin harness and the ground from it for one of the directionalss, then for your other grounds solder directly to the solder point for the remaining 3 wires. (Those are the solder points connected to the big loop around the outside, maybe you already know which is which-Just checking).

Be careful not to cut TOO much, I used a box cutter. You don’t want to mess with the structural integrity of the board, it’s really just a thin piece of copper underneath the wafer, you will see when you have cut away a line of copper, and then stop cutting.

If you are on a budget you don’t need the harness, it will make things easier though.


thanks for the reply, hmmm i have the harness on order don’t know if i should cancel the harness altogether =/

I read the post that you linked me to

I don’t understand what is said here: do i cut the trace and then solder a piece of solder from the trace to the blue point?

cut through the copper trace. Then solder a separate wire to each of the blue points. Those will be your ground connections.

And this : Don’t cut anything around the leftmost switch in the picture, are we talking about the bottom left of the picture of top left =/

To use the black wire on the wiring harness for one of the switches like TheGlow said, don’t cut or solder anything around the leftmost switch in the picture. The black wire will be the ground for that switch


Just cut at the red lines and use the blue points as solder points for the ground connections of each switch and ignore the ground wire (black) when connecting the harness.

ONLY IF you want to use the black wire on the harness as one of the ground connection wires for the left most switch THEN don’t cut the trace that connects the ground of that switch to the pin on the harness connector.


Considering you may be doing some soldering anyway, why not just remove the switch’s from the joystick PCB and use them without the board? Heat up the solder and remove them, then just put them back without the board there, should fit right into place. Im pretty sure CoverlessTech did a youtube video on this. Then at least you can keep the board in decent condition and could use it sometime in the future.


Why yes I did.


Exactly! But you only need to do that 3 times since the black wire on the 5pin harness is already one of the four directions for you. :tup:


why cut the pcb when you can cut the ground of the microswitch going to the pcb? After cutting the cutting a sucking ot solder wire direct to switch ground.


Because there is less overall work this way. Cutting takes about 30 seconds, and then you only need 3 more wires and you’re done.

To cut the ground from the microswitch to the board you would have to desolder all of the switches from the board which is messy and time consuming. Unless I am misunderstanding you.


yeah cutting the pcb is no prob coz i’m only gona use the JLF for one stick no plans for future use in a different build

What 3 wires Airthrow? 3 wires to the Xbox PCB?


Okay, on the 5 pin connector, the black wire will be your ground for whatever switch it is still connected to after you cut up your JLF pcb. It USED to ground ALL the switches, but you CUT the grounds right, so the other grounds for the other switches lead to NOTHING now. So you have to lead those grounds on the other three switches to the grounds on your xbox PCB.

Post more when you have the PCB because you will see how simple it is and you won’t need help, it will be obvious trust me. :tup:


Airthrow means the three Ground wires.

Here is my cheap way to explain:


That is EXACTLY what I meant and how I made my JLF work in a Tekken 5 stick which is not common ground. Thanks for helping JDM


Thanks for the help guys so

This is my PCB

And JLF, i just want to get it right excuse all the arrows :karate: … i thought there’s suppose to be 2-wires going from the JLF to Xbox 360 PCB?


I dunno anything about 2 wires. I would say you would need at least 5. Up, down, left, right and common ground.
And in the case of no common ground, 3 more for the grounds of the other 3, using the “common” ground wire as the ground for one of the directions.
Thats how I had to do my old dc agetec stick as a test for when my jlf comes.


I still suggest just removing the PCB from the joystick. Its not messy, its just heating up solder and giving the micro switch a quick pull till it drops out. Then re-arrange them back on the joystick, pop the gate back on and they’ll be secured in place.

Then it just means using two wires for each direction instead of one (one for signal and one for ground). Means you can keep your JLF PCB trace free and use it again in the future if you need to.


what i meant by 2 wires is … 2 wires for each direction from the JLF to the Xbox PCB … 2 wires for UP, 2 wires for DOWN etc :smile:


Signal wire and ground wire, just saying two wires could be confusing. JDMs pic makes things very easy, you may need an easier pad if you can’t follow it.


There is no picture I posted before this.
Just kidding.

Here is some help:

You will cut three Traces.
Add three wires for Ground.

Now you have eight wires total! :lovin:
One Ground and one Signal for each four Directions! YAY! :tup:

These eight wires then get soldered to the Xbox 360 PCB.

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I just don’t understand why people won’t just solder @ the wiring pins on the jlf. Not really hard.