Cutting wood

I just hit a roadblock on my project. I plan to buy 3/4"x2’x4’ MDF from Home Depot to make an arcade stick. I knew that they did cuts there but they can’t do what I wanted/need.

I had originally planned for them to cut me off a strip of it that is 3/4"x2 1/2"x4’ for the sides of the box but they won’t cut anything under 7". Total I won’t need it to be 4’ long but for the sake of them cutting it that was my plan.

I need 2 : 3/4"x 2 1/2" x 13" and 2: 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 8 1/4" for the sides. The tools that I have to work with are a Jig Saw and a Router. The only thing I can think of is to mark it 2 1/2" and cut just outside of that with the jig saw. That will leave me one factory edge and one crap edge from jig saw. Once that is cut set up some sort of device that will keep my router parallel to the factory edge and route the edge so it is flat.

Anyone think of anything else? or is this my best option?

lol. The way I see it, you have three options:

a. Ask them to cut you a piece that leaves you the 2.5" as scrap.
b. Buy a table saw
c. Fulfill your lifelong fantasy to be Macguyver

Good Luck,


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hahaha that Macgyver one made me laugh

No one has any idea’s? I think I might be able to make a router jig with the scrap from the large MDF board. Something similar to a saw board but for a router… lol

Kind of like this:

do you have a router table?

just use / get one of these (no idea how its called in english :o )

way less expensive than table saws or the pictured saw @ #4

its called a jig saw

that will not give you a straight cut

you should buy yourself one of these

great tool to have.

I don’t have a router table. I actually don’t own a router either I’m just borrowing one. I do have a jig saw like I said before, but like Domz said it won’t give a straight cut. Lastly I’m trying not to buy a lot of tools because I’m not a woodworker I just want to build one arcade stick and that’s it. That might be inevitable though :frowning:

these are awesome if you need to cut a pipe, or few inches of wood. you can not make a 4ft cut with that lol

call some local wood shops or something. ask around, see who does it. did you check lowes? stop by the outside of homedepot n ask some of them guys standing around lookin for work if they have tools/table saw/cut wood

so why not just make one for the jigsaw? a jig for a jigsaw… ok so it wont be 100% but thats why you are able to sand it down!

(i am planning on making a jig for my jigsaw also, i cant afford any fancy tools as i am on an extreme budget that i have already exceeded)

a contracter worked on our house last month and i noticed he had something that resembles a table saw only smaller, it was like a metal box and teh circular blade was inside the metal box base with the desired height of circular blade adjusted. might be called mini table saw or something?

Yeah I was thinking this too. I just figure the router will give it a lot nicer of a finished edge. But as you say, nothing sand paper can’t take care of.

and fedextrack I’ve never heard of that. Maybe someone will chime in with what you’re talking about.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Yeah I was googling around for cheap tables saws and came across one. It doesn’t sound very good but might be worth it for the hobbyist on a budget. It costs 39 which is about $60. I may grab it but I’m afraid as to how safe it is. The next cheapest looks to be above 100 pretty much which is just too much when I’m probably only building a stick or two.