Cutting your own hair?

How many people on SRK cut their own hair? Did you have to wear a hat for the first few times you cut your own hair? Any tips for someone who wants to start doing it on their own?

I plan on leaving the states soon and I don’t think there will be any barber shops where I plan on going, and I dont want to look homeless so I’ve decided to start cutting my own hair now to save myself the embarrassment when the time comes. I’m not looking on doing any fancy shit either. Just looking to keep it low and neat.

I’ve been overseas for awhile, and away from a good barber shop, so I’ve been cutting my own hair… and for the past 4 years I’ve actually been doing a good job (no really, I get compliments regularly). I actually found an okay barber shop near me, but I just do it myself and pocket my money.

I had to get good equipment first (Andis clippers), and learned how to keep them in top condition (just make sure everything is free of hair and well-oiled before/after use). Maintenance is priority #1. Then I looked on Youtube for hair-cutting tips. Lining up didn’t take long to learn, getting even hair length was easy. The tricky part is fading. There really isn’t a standard technique to getting a good fade. It’s all learning curve, understanding how your hair grows, and trial and error. Thismight help make a cleaner blend.

I’m black though, so I dunno how straight-haired guys get by. Being overseas, I’ve seen a lot of white dudes with some jacked haircuts that were clearly a DIY job.

I cut my own hair using clippers. Start at the back moving to the front, then once you’ve done the whole scalp go from the front to back. This makes sure it’s all even.

PS I have afro hair.

i have cut my hair and it actually looked soo good people where asking where i had done it (i was wondering if i fucked up somewhere, but it seems they actually found it really nice). only done it once or twice though, and with a really short cut (like 1milim on the sides and 2 milim at the top without a line going over really nicely).

im pretty good at drawing and i used to cut some friends hair long ago. one of the reasons i tried my own hair to see where it would lead (that and my usual barber being on vacation that time).

Black Handled Straight Razor - Buy a Thiers-Issard Razor

i also use something like this for my sideburns and and goaty, sometimes for a moustache or a dmx beard or whatever. people always compliment me and keep on looking how i got the shit looking soo good. for some reason people just cant believe i do the shit myself (learn how to use these babys, and give yourself a shave puffy pays 20 g’z for).

the difference with this razor and mine is i got mines for cheap. and mines can remove the blade and put a new one in (the one i linked you gotta sharped with leather).

I just get a electric razor, put on the length of blade I want, cut it all off. It just gives a basic nice even hair length across your entire head, nothing special exciting. I think it looks good, but better after about a week. Maybe it’s just me seeing myself with longer hair, and then 15 minutes later, shorter. Saves money!

I have big rough thick curls and it’s easy for me to cut it shorter.
I wear Hats most of the time so if i fuck up people won’t be able to see shit.

my usual barber is actually a moluccan (kei) eddur. hey man what games do you play on psn btw?

Seriously? I’m from Kei too man, Kei Kecil (small).

I usually don’t play much on ps3. Bomberman Ultra, Final Fight DI and the usual rpg/psn classics.
Sometimes i play a little ssf4 but that shit bores me too much.

i think theres a chance you might actually know my barber (from tv), he even made a rap vid (2 even) with his group (other friends of mine, lgm, dutch guy, dj savage half french half dutch all dj and dmc winner and tan man, tanimbar) here in the dutch, its about maluku (kepala batu) and i cant understand shit they be saying though, sumpa lol.

i think we might as well wait for kof 13 if it gets released, ssf4 bores the hell out of me as well.

I shave my head with number 0.

same here, i started giving myself a clipper shave when i first got to korea and i’ve been doing ever since.

I cut my own hair, Winter: 2 on top/1 or half on the side.

o hope you guys cutting your own hair at least know and have the skills to cut the hair without visible lines and with good overlay (thats what its called?).

for instance this guy has what id like to call (what people here refer to as) a fucked up soldier cut or a mocrocut (marroken cut).

Ludacris, Magnum Condom Launch Rap Contest | EURweb

luda here knows how to do the shit just right, you see how the lower part overlaps into the upper part without an appearant line. if you aint got the skills to do this to yourself you should wear a hat or just cut everything the same length. i can do all that shit to myself and just as sharp (but with even a sharper moustache and goaty, his sideburns look dope though, havent tried this design yet).

I’ve been cutting and shaving my own hair since I was 14 [29].

I’ll never cut other people’s hair.

2 mirrors + 1/2 clipper guard + clipper spray = Mo’ Money

LOL shit! Yes i know them from Cuijk. I have lots of relatives living there and yes they are from Tanimbar, but don’t visit them often because i lived in Maastricht before and now i’m studying in Belgium. When you tell them two things Sathean/Nistelrode they will know :wink:

What a coincidence lol.

and here i was not mentioning cuijk on purpose. this is like a small town but a devils nest, lol. name me a few of your relatives. you must know yanus as every fucking maluku ive ever met knows this oldie, lol.