Cutting your super jump short

i noticed that when you super jump, you can cancel the super jump w/ a jump cancel immediately. sometimes it even looks like normal jump.

is this useful?

…maybe fake out sents to jump higher than you…idk.

it’s actually a very good thing for positioning yourself over your opponent.

yea, its very useful with a character like psylock. I don’t know if that technique has a name yet, but I’ve been calling it a short hop for a while now. Since psylock has a triple jump you can do, sj, immediate DJ, to cancel out. Now you’re @ a very low height BUT you also have 1 more jump to use.

It has its place, you gain SJ properties but you lose the ability to double riple jump + assists. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use it with strider for a while.

if you want to go next level with it, you can do sj, immediate DJ+ an attack button. This will give you your low height + an attack to prevent someone from coming @ you.