CVC's Street Fighter IV 2vs2 - SAN DIEGO, CA - 08/23/09: PRE-WEST COAST WARZONE HYPE!

CVC, a branch of San Diego’s thriving fighting game community, brings you THE 2vs2 tournament in the month of August!


The 1st place team of CVC’s 2 vs 2 will receive these prizes along with 50% of the pot:
-TWO (2) tickets to be redeemed at West Coast Warzone for FREE VENUE AND SFIV ENTRY FEES!
-TWO (2) XBOX360 Madcatz Street Fighter 4 SE Fightsticks!

Special thanks to John Rog for becoming a part of CVC’s event! WEST COAST WARZONE HYPE!

Street Fighter IV 2 vs 2

When: Sunday, August 23, 2009
Sign ups @ 12:30PM - 1:45 PM
Starts @ 2:00PM

Where: Vortex Gaming Lounge
4370 Palm Avenue - Suite Q
San Diego, CA 92154

Entry Fee: $13 PER PLAYER
($10 pot | $3 venue)
1st - 50% | 2nd - 30% | 3rd - 20%


Pokemon Format:
Team AB vs Team CD
A plays C
A beats C
A plays D
D beats A
B plays D
B beats D
Team AB wins the match.

-99 second rounds, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
-2 different characters on a team
-Players must stick with their character
-No banned characters

Please bring your own sticks, controllers, and/or adapters.
There are going to be 5 guaranteed stations. If the tournament gets capped, (which I am hoping for!) additional stations will be added as needed.

Extra info:
-The venue will be selling food and drinks. Food and drinks other than the ones from the venue are not allowed INSIDE.
-There will be PHOTO and VIDEO coverage! (providers so far: hellorolo, GetYourTournament)
-TOP 8 WILL BE RECORDED! As well as other big screen matches.
-PRE-SIGNUP is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. We are going to cap it at 32 and would like for it to get filled. Just post here or e-mail to guarantee your team a spot!
-Teams will be seeded by location.
-If you are going to be late, you MUST notify me 24 hours prior to the event.

Take advantage of this opportunity to battle it out with a friend or teammate at a tournament!

Reserved for updates.
UPDATE (08.06.09)
Working with GetYourTournament to also provide great coverage of the tournament.
An HDR SIDE TOURNAMENT poll has been posted! Voice your opinion! I will end the poll on Wednesday, 08/12/09. An announcement of an hdr side tournament going down or not will be made. So if you want see HDR at CVC’s tournament, vote now!

UPDATE (08.12.09)
-Sorry everyone, there will not be an HDR side tournament.
-We are currently working with the venue to work out a live stream.
-The WEST COAST WARZONE prize package for the 1st place team has been revealed! Refer to the 1st post for details!

UPDATE (08.16.09)
-A free agent list has been added! If you are a free agent or no longer a free agent, post here!
-LIVE STREAM: We will be streaming live from thevglounge starting @6pm. This is the time that the venue closes to public customers and has allowed us to live stream. So whatever is left by 6pm, that’s what will be streamed. And since there are a lot of teams, I’m sure there will be a lot left!.
-NEW EVENT!: A classic, friendly grudge match has risen! In a first to 5 matches, n3mon1c and djfrankfresh will square off to see who reigns supreme! This going to be a good one.! Tiger! [To be played after the grand finals.]

Please provide your Team Name and the names of the Team Members

Teams that have pre-signed up (CAPPED AT 32) :

  1. Team BBA : [hugo101/DJ Vest]
  2. Team Dark Mexican Plus One : [Jokersss/Repulse]
  3. Team Raging Opera : [unprotectedSEX/NeRemixed]
  4. Team Without Papers Minus Louie : [KSexy/LATEXMAN]
  5. Team 4339 : [SkyOhKen/EssBeeDee]
  6. Team FREE : [Killabyte/Sallabout08]
  7. Team A 1/2 Mex and a Jew : [Mr. Hangover/TSOTheodore]
  8. Team Smack-a-Ho : [IceTrap/Big Sexy]
  9. Team Large n Chargin : [zer0vital/Da Kingpin]
  10. Team Hella Darkstalkers : [oceansideDOODS/LCAST]
  11. Team Taco Tiger : [Marco Polo/djfrankfresh]
  12. Team Black Money : [Keno/Mike Ross]
  13. Team Last Minute Pick : [Daft/iMac980]
  14. Team: The Skratchiebots : [Skratchiechan/Pimpbot9000]
  15. Team y3bm0n1c : [Yeb/n3m0n1c]
  16. Team Rice and Beans : [Erik L./Will B.]
  17. Team Thatswhatshesaid : [CdefG/Edmond]
  18. Team Vortex : [MAKU/Casper]
  19. Team TRAGIC HERO ?(??? ): [shglbmx/Gregorio Siegfried Wilhelm III]
  20. Team TAMADE MADABI : [Sherryjenix/Anna]
  21. Team DAT KOOLAID : [G3rald/Alexman]
  22. Team West Coast Warzone Ambassadors:pray: : [John Rog/Kai]
  23. Team _____ : [MRCG/Cammy-man]
  24. Team TOMA! : [THE PARTY/GaArAs SAND]
  25. Team _____ : [Vanrushal/Tangible Fear]
  26. Team Watchu Know?! : [J. Flo/Pnoy]
  27. Team Evil : [duckdodger24/theevilshadow]
  28. Team SP8R : [kingSP8R/SP8_2K]
  29. Team Certified Warriors : [MRCERTIFIED/Calm Warrior]
  30. Team _____ : [Kuizzy Ef Baby/SeikuRyu]
  31. Team Wing Chun : [ComboJack/KillerKai]
  32. Team DuoShock : [VuTeK/Jimichu]

To all pre-signed up teams,

Thank you for making things easier for CVC by signing up early. All pre-signed up teams have a spot to play in the tournament. Please try to the best of your ability to come early and arrive before 1:45pm. We plan on starting promptly at 2pm.

There is one important rule that needs to be adressed: being late.
We all know that stuff happens. Something may unexepectedly get in your way of coming early that is out of your control. In the event that you are running late, your match will be pushed back as far as possible to the point of it not delaying the flow of the tournament. But when the time comes where your team’s match cannot be pushed back anymore and your team is still not present, your team’s spot will be given up to a team that has signed up on the waiting list. In the event that there are no teams on the waiting list, your team will receive a forfeit for that match.
[IMPORTANT: WHEN LOOKING UP FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE VORTEX GAMING LOUNGE, MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE ZIP CODE. THERE ARE OTHER PALM AVE.'S IN SAN DIEGO]** When you exit Palm Ave, turn right and the Palm Ridge Shopping Center will be immediately on your right. (With the McDonalds/KFC/etc.)

If you do not contact me via TOURNAMENT THREAD/PM/E-MAIL before the tournament, then your option of contacting me on the day of the tournament is by contacting the venue and asking to speak with Kris, the tournament director.
Vortex Gaming Lounge: (619)-662-0305

Lastly, if you are no longer able to make it the tournament, please notify me IMMEDIATELY through the tournament thread, PM, or e-mail. There are players/teams trying to squeeze into the tournament.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


(If you didn’t pre-sign up there will be a first come, first serve waiting list!)

Good shit Kris. Sounds fun.

woo hoo! im excited for the 2nd time today!!!

im so down for this! right across the street from my house…now who going to be my partner?

got my partner
Greg AKA Jokersss/Sam AKA Repulse

Nemo this is right by your spot!

im in team BBA
hugo101, DJ Vest

updated :tup:

free agent atm

who needs a scrubby Rufus player from AI?

yo vicious hit me up on aim , n3m0n1c. I think I may need someone unless yeb is down havent talked to him yet.

lol dam i just saw the cost of the tourney

these 3 dolla venue fees are killers


Well, for $3 your personal gaming experience includes:
-air-conditioned facility
-clean facility
-32" lagless LCD’s to be played in HDMI
-very chill/approachable manager
-the venue open until the tournament is finished (instead of normal closing time of 6pm)
-very awesome and friendly tournament coordinator (that’s me!)
-a smooth and fun tournament with no shady bullshit, provided by the community, for the community.
-any profit made will help make future events happen

-Local tournaments are at an average of $10 per player with an x amount of money going to the venue. But here it’s practically $10 entry going straight to the pot, and paying a small extra venue fee of only $3 to pay for a nice venue that doesn’t come free.

For the record:
$13 entry per player ($3 DOLLARS TO THE VENUE!!!)

If anything is unclear to anyone or has any questions, PLEASE do ask.

Lone wolf needs a partner :] and a ride from LA (will pay for gas from where u drive from and drop off)

I play Rog’

PM or hit me up on xbl. (awaKening16) if u think i am good enough to be your partner

unprotectedSEX & NeRemixed
Team Raging Opera

if we can go

Team Without Papers Minus Louie

updated :tup:

Sounds like fun.

Team 4339
SkyOhKen and EssBeeDee

updated pre-signups.

also, taking votes on an HDR side tourney! vote now!
we can make this happen if enough people are interested!