CVC's Street Fighter IV 2vs2 - SAN DIEGO, CA - 08/23/09: PRE-WEST COAST WARZONE HYPE!

Coverage from GYT (Get your Tournament)

Killabyte I was wondering if I can cover your tourny for GYT. They are based out of LA scene but I’m the only San Diego connection. Let me know ASAP if thats cool with you. Thanks!

Coverage from gyt would be great! The people of GYT are good people. Let me know if you will be for sure covering so I can update the first post. I don’t know if this is a given already, but you’ll be able to use the center’s wi-fi as needed.

im a free agent for this assuming i can actually see by this date. aim is the best way to get at me or a pm.

and no i won’t steal your character because who plays abel? honestly.

Team name “Dark Mexican plus one”

shats shoulda made it a 3v3 haha

haha sorry man i felt we could field more teams with a 2v2

yo jeremey aka vicious alexman wants to know if you want to team up i think if you even read this thread

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me and skratchiechan are on a team if im able to by then.

dunno what the team name will be but uh yeah

Fernando S (Mr.Hangover) and Marcos M.(TSOTheodore)

updated :tup: just let me know when you have your team name.

to all the unsure and maybe:
Thank you for letting me know in advance. Let me know as soon as possible when you are positive that your team will be participating, please and thank you.

Might have another surprise in store for the tournament. Stay tuned!

Cvc has partnered with john rog and the west coast warzone tournament to get you and your team inside west coast warzone! Refer to the original post for more information!

West coast warzone hype, get ready!

(why won’t it let me post in caps :[ )

Chris B (IceTrap) and Marcellus B (Big Sexy) - Team smack-a-ho

looks cool, can’t wait to play. Thanks for running this!

DJ J. (zer0vital) and John D. (Da Kingpin) - Team Large n Chargin

What a perfect way to gear up for Warzone! We know IceTrap and Big Sexy and play together regularly; it would be sweet if we were not seeded against each other. :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting this together! Would’ve definitely been down for that HDR side tourney as well.

Your teams have been added. I will try my best to keep you guys from playing each other as much as possible. :tup:

more team updates :tup:

I will be showing up to this tournament! Team Black Money (Keno & Mike Ross).

Nice to see you coming to San Diego again, Keno. Looking forward to see and hopefully play you and Mike Ross.

DBulla and Mike Jones - Team Church of Rudys

We all roll in the same crowd (as the above guys) but we aren’t afraid to play our own friends! :rofl:

Love that we are getting some San Diego SF4 lovin. Awesome preface to WCW!!

Thanks for setting this up.

No problem. It’s always a pleasure to have more people come out to play. Your team has been put on the first page.