CVC's Street Fighter IV 2vs2 - SAN DIEGO, CA - 08/23/09: PRE-WEST COAST WARZONE HYPE!

kris we have a team name now,team: The skratchiebots (skratchiechan and pimpbot)

Team y3bm0n1c You know who we be !!!

I am honored to be able to come down and play San Diego’s finest players!

Sign us up. :tup:

Erik L. and Will B.
(Team Rice and Beans)

MRCERTIFIED aka the BEST chun li in SD is a free agent ATM

Yo Ray. I Ain’t Got No Team Member. Honda And Chun? Bate And Charge!

Did someone say I was going to the tourney? O_O


not necessarily that you were, but that GYT is.
he also pmed me saying “I will let the team know and plan for the event.”

OK, thanks for letting me know. I just remembered this, but anyway, yeah me personally I am going to be at another tournament that I committed to weeks ago and I have no idea who else on the team is going to drive down there. I might be there late, but who knows? bomberedx2 is not officially on the team yet, but that could change with this tournament. That’s why I had the wtf post.


Just added a free agents list. If you are a free agent, post here! Also posted more updates, refer to the original post.

sign me up!

Yo killabyte its MAku…Can you sign my team up?

Team Vortex yo! : MAKU/Casper

Sign us up. UTJ couldn’t make it so I brought someone just as nasty.


shglbmx / Gregorio Siegfried Wilhelm III

LOL sick

sign us up as well

Logan 9000 / Shizza

no team name yet~

Is there a final verdict on the HDR Side Tourney? I want to know if my bro & I should drive down from LA for this event. Assuming it does take place, is there a general entry fee for this gaming lounge? What time would the HDR tourney start?


There will not be an HDR Side Tourney, the verdict was posted last week. Sorry guys.

With 20 teams already pre-signed up, that leaves 12 open team spots left! You should also take account of the chance of players showing up on the day of! Pre-signup to guarantee your team a spot! :tup: Don’t wait til the last minute!

shgl, warahk: Your teams have been posted on the front page. See ya there!

G3rald and AlexMan


John Rog and Kai
Team West Coast Warzone Representatives / Ambassadors


teams are updated! I’ll be PMing you tomorrow John Rog.

Only a few spots left!

goodluck to everyonbe

I might be looking for a partner…pm me