Cviper,fightstick help



Hey,everyone im new to the boards. Nice to meet yall. Now,ive been playing sf4 with a pad for awhile now, i even got pretty good with viper on a pad.I just made the switch to a TE stick, and i am strugggggling hard. I cant even do all of her basic bnb with a stick. Ive already killed my win loss record getting destroyed by people who i know i could beat with a pad. anyone else go through this,and what is the best way to overcome this? offline against the cpu,im fine…but it seems moves arent registering online,its weird…any tips,points suggestions would be very grateful.Thanks again.



No other way around it.


Yeah I figured, is practicing against the CPU Bad? Or should i just stay in training mode, i normally do like 2 Hours a day of training mode, then try and apply it online. Or should I try a different method?


training mode is ur friend, but u really didnt have to make a new thread for such a simple question thats what Q&A sticky is for.


For someone like Viper, good online is necessary to win. Any amount of lag can really mess you up.