Cviper with dr doom plasma beam



I’m having trouble linking the plasma beam assist with OTG seismo in the corner like i see marlinpie do a lot… it just does not seem to work for me… either the seismo is done to late cause i wait for doom to come out, or the seismo is to early and the opponent goes right over the plasma beam


What’s your air series before the relaunch?


i usually just do M H S, but i tried M M H S, M M (double jump) M H S, and none of them seem to work for me…


Do launcher, superjump h, doublejump h, s and try to delay the air s at the end as much as possible. Call doom the moment you hit the ground. That way you can buy enough time to make it a bit easier.


its still giving me trouble… idk, can someone try this for me and tell me what works?


i was able to link the seismo with the plasma beam once but couldnt get the relaunch


Call doom as soon as possible from landing.

Delay the seismo for as long as possible.


Do the seismo when Doom starts charging the beam, or do Dash/Normal + A1 then seismo


Came to ask this same exact question TC.

I’m doing launch --> MMHS, Call Doom, Seimo L, Burn Kick M,

but they just flip out.


right. i’ve just been doing MMHS call doom, L seismo, neautral jump cancel and dash down to the floor quick and it gives me enough time to atleast get the relaunch in there…


What other assists work for this I’m assuming thor’s does but what about strange bolts.
Also for everyone having trouble you need to put as much time as possible between seismo and plasma beam and the seismo should be near its end when the plasma begins to hit so you can cancel to burn kick.
Try hitting jump :s: as delayed as possible or this

Good luck.


I do BnB, A2 as soon as I hit the ground, dash, seismo FADC backwards (forwards against Zero and smaller) / plasma hits S. Nuts to that burn kick. =D

(I never get the BK one either)


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<div class=“QuoteText”>What other assists work for this I’m assuming thor’s does but what about strange bolts …<br><br></div>

Aside from the usual assists, I use Akuma Tatsu, no need to time anything as long as you don’t drop execution.  I’ve noticed Felicia RB works too, but I haven’t messed with it too much.


I know this is a month old, but I think it would be good for any new Vipers to have this resource.

I am an avid Viper player and has been using her since Vanilla, I know a good majority of her ups and downs and special movements and cancels.

@BigOlePappy and @Chris_Marquez , when you drop the S, it is better to hit them down as delayed as possible because this helps with the timing while since you hit the ground quicker just as @kikuichimonji stated.

You also mentioned MarlinPie doing this too and if you notice how he sometimes does two quick forward dashes after calling Doom; that’s like a timing method Pie uses so he knows when to use Seismo, it can also be a habit to make sure you’re next to the opponent when you do it.

However, the real timing is when you start your Seismo upon calling in Doom.
The only way to make them seismo into the plasma beam bounce is to call Doom on land, then as he is about to plasma, Seismo just half a second before and they should get caught in the plasma.

Then to execute the Burning kick,** I don’t recommend using M**, you should be TKing(Tiger Knee) the Burn Kick L which will knock them in the air high enough for another S re-launch.

The reason why I digress from M is because it goes a bit too high and doesn’t knock the opponent high enough.
You want to land as soon as the Burn Kick is done so you can relaunch, and the TKBurn Kick L gives the perfect height right on Doom’s plasma beam.

If you’re not using doom for Seismo -> Tiger Knee Burn Kick Relaunch then you should be using a Burn Kick H, but be wary of hit stun, you could probably get a launch, relaunch with Doom, then one more relaunch using TK Burn Kick H during an X-Factor.

To practice the TK Burn Kicks you do the motion then add an up motion to create a super jump and press L to do the burn kick.
If you do it quick enough, it should look like a very fast quick jump and a burn kick.
L is lowest, M is mid, and H is the highest depending on how quick you do the input.

So to practice, just stand neutral and practice the timing with Doom’s assists and your Seismo, it should look like Doom and Viper are about to attack at the exact same time, but Viper is just a bit sooner than Doom.

So from mid-screen, I do this.

Viper Ball* H S – cr.L cr.M st.H qcf.M(cancel) st.M st.H seismo l adf air M air S – st. M st. H launch – air.H double jump air. M air. H air. S(delay if you want) – Land

Doom Assist + Seismo to TK BurnKick L – Launch air. H double jump air. H air. S — Seismo to qcb.atk+atk

*Viper ball is a special movement for Viper as an overhead that you can learn somewhere on youtube, just search “Viper Ball”


Nice, that viper ball is really hard to do consistently. Most of the time I end up super jumping forward like an idiot haha. I usually try for high/low mixups using a regular tk L burn kick next to the opponent, or a burn kick feint to standing L.

For the plasma pickup, I usually do the Marlin Pie method with the two short dashes. I do: bnb, wave dash+assist, wave dash, L seismo, tk H burn kick. I actually haven’t tried L burn kick yet, maybe that would be better since sometimes the opponent just barely falls out of the combo before I relaunch.
Here’s my bnb: st.LMH M Thunder Knuckle (cancel), st.MH L Seismo, sj. adf j.H, L Burn Kick Feint, j.HS, st. MHS, sj. H double jump MHS, Doom Assist, L Seismo to TK Burn Kick, st. S, sj. H double jump HS, L Seismo to hyper

Sorry if my notation is atrocious. Hey does anyone have tips for a midscreen pickup with plasma beam?