CvS 2: Advanced set-ups


CvS 2: Advanced set-ups & strat

The main goal is to switch sides with the opponent in order to score a combo. Also, included some pretty good set-ups in general.

(S)-(N)-(K) groove Ryu:

-jumping strong -> meet the opponent’s jumpin with a jumping strong, since the two-hitting strong pushes them into the air slightly, you get enough time to run beneath and on the other side upon landing.

Against “high” jumping characters, you can use ©-(A)-§ and easily dash beneath for a side switch.

(S)-(N)-(K) groove Dahlsim:

-strong punch anti-air -> Anti-Air, as opponent reels in air you may run beneath for some mind games.

Against blanka’s cross-up, dahlsim can dash to the other side, if using the respective groove.

ALL grooves Chun-Li:

-Kick Super, super jump canceled to jumping round house- You have good options as to whether you want to walk beneath or stay in front, definite guessing games which makes for HUGE comebacks. Also, her round house air-to-air creates the same effect.

ALL grooves Blanka:

-Blanka Ball and Ball super- use the normal blanka ball OR the ball super on opponent as they are in the invincible wake-up animation. If timed right, you will hit the opponent from the opposite side due to the size of the hit box in blanka’s ball. It takes good timing but it is SO hard to block. NOTE: if you land the cross-up blanka ball they can punish you like CRAZY, even though most players are wondering “wtf?” since it has abnormal push properties.

ALL grooves AKUMA:

-cross-up fireball- everyone knows the tiger knee motion air fireball. However there is a way to use the cross-up fireball as a meaty attack that will hit from the other side. This is very hard to do and I suggest you play around with it to feel comfortable. Remember, meaty. It acts like blanka’s cross-up ball.

-downward kick to options- Aks216 told me about this. Basically, jump-in with the downward kick. Upon landing you can bust the raging demon. If they expect you to do the raging demon and try to jump, you can use lv. 3 fireball to catch them as they jump. Also, if you guess wrong and they didn’t jump but you used the Lv. 3, you get frame advantage, so don’t fret.

-corner teleport- if the opponent is in the corner you can teleoprt into it for some quick side changes. Then pick your combo. Try to cancel into the teleport, or after an up-jumping air-fireball.

ALL grooves Raiden:

-gut punch, wait, lv. 3 throw super- the gut punch serves many purposes. It keeps them in block / hit stun, it gives the perfect range on the throw, and allows you to input the command for the super. If the first hit connects, just go ahead and use the follow up, then bust a level 3 fire-breath super.
Thanx to Ben-Ra for the Raiden info.

that’s it for now, more to come…


BUMP :slight_smile:


its about time someone made a thread like this. All i see is " so and so can do this combo and do and so can do that…BAH! That crap doesnt help and isnt real strategy. I hope people with real strategy will post in this thread. Im just learning basic fundamentals of sf and ive been playing since the game came out. but no one ever showed me how the game works as well as fundamental stuff. Useful stuff to me would include when to go for crossup comboes…spacing and range strategies for various characters…set ups and mind games to get in for free throws and huge damgae comboes. any info thx!


About Raiden - I can’t take credit for this becasue Gunter told me about it, but I can confirm that it works. (Or at least it seems to work when I try it, maybe I’m just lucky)

With Raiden if you do the motion for his 720 super you can press kick to get the super OR press punch to get his fire breath. (You have to roll clockwise facing right, counter clockwise facing left)

So, after the gut punch you can do the motion and hit p if they jump or k if they don’t. Also if you get the distance right you can do it after the first punch or after the headbutt part of it. The headbutt actually doesn’t recover any slower than that rush punch. Learn to RC the rush punch and you have a pretty nasty strategy.

One other Raiden tidbit - for some reason his standing roundhouse doesn’t knock people far away at all if they are hit by it. (If they block they get pushed back far) If you hit with a close standing rh you can do his short kick special throw or super throw. So that sets up a similar tick, do the motion for the kick super and press k if they stay on the ground or p if they jump. Landing the close RH isn’t easy though…


More juice

(s) groove guile:

-dodge, cancel to kick knockdown, link to flash super- If you space the dodge canceled kick right, you can link the super anywhere on screen.

(S) groove Haohmaru:

-dodge canceled slash to overhead special- the range on this slash isn’t half bad, also, this version is cancelable. Altough this isn’t a true combo, it is very hard to defend against.

-dodge canceled kick knockdown linked to upper-super- unfortunately, this is only applicable against cornered opponents.

ALL grooves Bison:

-slide sweep linked to Lv. 3 psycho crusher- The distancing AND timing on this is SO hard, but it works. you have to set bison up so that the VERY outter most reach of the slide connects, then bust out the super the exact time he recovers.

All grooves Cammy:

-spinning backfist to upwards drill super- opponent must be in the corner. There is some invincibility frames in her spin so it makes a great way to go through fireballs.

-spiral arrow to upwards drill super- if you connect with the tip of her spiral you can recover fast enough to get that super out. Corner only.

All grooves Zangief:

-<jumping headbutt to c. forward to vanishing palm>- OMG this three hit combo does 67 points of stun damage. That’ll dizzy hella characters. Just thought it was worth mentioning. :slight_smile:


Alright, here’s a detailed analysis of this rush/trap.

The key component is standing strong canceled to fireball. The only chance to escape is in between the standing strong to fireball. Or to counter attack :slight_smile:
S. strong -> fireball -> flying roundhouse -> repeat.
If the fireball connects you should have it timed so the roundhouse AND strong will combo. Also, you can walk up a little and repeat the strong punch to fireball if using non-flying grooves. The strong will combo off the fireball. The good thing about this is Morrigan’s recovery time on fireball lag. She can punish alot of attempts to escape if you use the light punch version of fireball and you are at the end edge of her distance.
HOWEVER! The lag from her fireball was placed BEFORE the animation. This means she has a slow start-up and fast recovery. If Morrigan does a strong punch to light punch fireball she will trade the fireball with Kim’s sweep after her strong punch is canceled. Also, any invunerable super, or Roll canceled special will just fly through it.
The key is to mix it up. If you’re against someone who doesn’t have a good ranged, fast sweep, they won’t trade. Try using your sweeps and flying roundhouses to keep them guessing. Your sweep will break the trap, but usually you’ll get the knock down. Then, throw out a meaty fireball and resume. Also, the best part of this is that it build meter FAST, and that’s the goal. After you have a Lv. 3 ready you can cancel the flying roudhouse (or anything else) to lv. 3 raging super for some great damage. It’s just fun.

Peace out. more later.


you mean the straight up in the air jumping headbutt?..Man, in a perfect world this would be easy to pull off in an actual fight.

I love the headbutt, you can also use it to punish rugal players doing the air flame/fireball thing if you time it right.


got anything for kyosuke, and yes i know, people say he sucks, but this guy is fun to use


further down the spiral…

Rush down nok:
This is SO ghetto, I just had to include it. Basically, Nokoruru’s jab is extremely fast. This allows her to get WAY in deep with it and use it to pressure a mind game. If you use Nok’s jab in deep, it looks like a backfist. This is the version you want. You want to time the jabs so that they don’t combo, yet disable all the opponents options. It’s all about frame data. It actually gives her frames. Therefore, you can keep on them for throwing mind games. If timed correctly, the opponent CANNOT throw you between jabs. You’ll see a missed throw animation as your jab hits. Of, course, DPs will knock you out of it…but who’s to say you’re going to keep jabbing? That’s the key. You have to LISTEN to them. If they start pressing buttons to poke, you’ll beat their pokes for free damage. If they try to DP (you hear the stick and a button) block or mis-time a few and score on their missed dp. If they do nothing, throw. It’s so frustrating for the opponent. Soon they’ll just want 'out" and try anything. That’s when you capitalize. Note: some characters are too “little” for this to work on…however, you can use light kick instead :slight_smile: Works just a well, except not as much priority over a few jabs in the game.

There’s a few more characters with this “rush”.

chun-li: s. jab (her throw should be abused)
vega: s. light kick (lil better than rolento’s s. jab)
sagat: s. jab (against large characters)
bison: s. jab (against large characters)

i’ll try to dig up some kyosuke, peace.


Zangief (all grooves with the exception of maybe A)

After a blocked Blue Hand Thingy :stuck_out_tongue: start the 720 motion from the Down position but after 2 rotations end the motion Forward at 810 degrees. After your opponent leaves block stun you can perform either of Zangiefs 2 supers. If the player jumps press Kick, if they stand there or roll press Punch. (Problem is that you need Jedi reflexes for this to work consistently :smiley: )


Good stuff blu3_fusi0n,

though I assume you’re talking about

(claw)vega’s s.light kick
(psycho)bison’s s.jab

Also if you could, do you have any advance strats with Hibiki and Dan( I know he’s a garbage char. to most people, but like Wild Daigo I find him fun to use ) If you want, Hibiki alone is good enough.


here’s a little something to play with:

All grooves athena
(command throw options) If you land a command throw you have an air-born enemy in a SNK juggable state, very good thing. As soon as you get free from the throw animation do a SUPER jump towards the oponent and hit light kick on the way UP. This throws them up in the air and you’ll land directly behind them. Unless they are in the corner. You land with enough time to walk back in front of them also…so it’s just like chun-li’s jumping round-house air-to-air.
You can also use fierce punch cancelled to light kick teleport. I usually walk in a little bit and try to hit them deep as they fall. You end up in front of them at a range to do another command throw. rex’s response to having this done against him “what the F@CK?!!?!”.
You can use s. roundhouse cancelled to forward kick teleport also. You end up behind them.
They are pretty fun schenanegans.

C-groove BLANKA juice
Alright, if you cancel Blanka’s lv. 2 kick super you get a SNK juggable opponent. So, bust your lv. 2 kick super as anti-air or use the hop-to-super technique (i’ll explain). Now cancel the hits you get after you let go of kick with a hop, now quickly hit them with jab or stong and cancel that with yet another hop. They land standing and you get a throw opportunity.
How to hop-to-super:
charge back -> neutral + two kicks -> towards -> back -> towards -> as he lands into a crouch press punch. The timing on this is all in the forward back forward part. It pushes the input time to the max. It’s a slow input.
So with this technique you can do lv 2 kick super -> hop -> lv. 1 ball super for hella damage. The howling one should work too.
Try to do the hop to lv. 2 super, it’s get hella people. Especially if RC’d, but I’m not getting into that bullshit


Some Chun-Li setups for all of you to know:

Headstomp after super: After any level kick super, Chun-Li can set up a crossup or overhead by doing an early or late air headstomp after the superjump (early = same side, late = short will crossup). After a while, people start getting used to positioning though, so you switch to using sj.rh. Also, since her s.close rh as an anti-air does an snk juggleable state, you can use this there as well, unless you want to do the crossup options from that one: close s.rh, do a superjump and do short. Depending on how much time you took from the animation to the superjump, you might or might NOT cross up.

Corner trickery: Chun’s flip kick will flip to the other side in a corner to a grounded opponent. However this doesn’t always work on the 2p side of a stage. But since they’ll start expecting it, they’ll block the wrong way more often than not. Also, if you pause it slightly, you’ll get the overhead with the flip kick, and on 2P side corner, that = free puffball super. (Corner differences prohibit this on 1P side)

Instant overhead (Short jump grooves much more effective):
Basically, do a short jump headstomp. It acts as an instant overhead. It works with normal jumps too, but the timing is more precise… and on fat characters, you could do the headstomp, and THEN do j.short and it works as a crossup setup.

Ghetto rushdown was already described… But the ghetto corner trap wasn’t! S.strong xx strong or fierce kikkoken. Traps really well on the corner, too good.


i trap the opponent with chun li using her forward+mk. it keeps people grounded, and followed by a crouching mp, keeps pressure on. then follow it up with a mp fireball. pretty annoying.
one chun question, do you do the head stomp right after the rush kick super? so instead of doing a super jump cancel double air fierce, you would do the headstomp?


yes, but you can do it from s. roundhouse too. You must super jump cancel. A note about flip-kick vs. cornered sagat. A flip-kick will wiff if sagat merely stands up, other charaters have this affect also. Let’s try not to make this a “chun-li strategy” thread.

C-groove Cammy madness

After a lv. 2 cannon drill super you can cancel her upward arc with the dive kick so that it wiffs, this will put them in SNK juggable. From here you can do s. strong to hooligan for a perfect throw as they land. There’s other options to get behind them using the cannon drill from a canceled normal.

All grooves, x-cept A, Akuma:

short kick hurricane to raging demon. You can cancel alot of deep normals to hurricane and input the raging command while in the animation, as you land you should be close enough to grab them for free. No escape. It has to be ranged right though. You should land RIGHT next to them.


Cheap-ass cheese spread

Alright, this isn’t “advanced” as much as cheap. Some characters have a really low trajectory on their air-attacks. If you attack right after you jump, while rising to the crest of you jump you can get an instant (well as fast as it coomes out) overhead. REALLY good for that last hit in a clutch situation. EXAMPLE: Yamazaki has a very good one. Juming roundhouse. Nice damage and can be used with jumping up, towards or backwards if you’re in deep. An a-groove yamazaki CC would be jumping roundhouse on the way up and down with low attacks for a mixer. This will do HELLA damage because the damage isn’t scaled due to it not being a TRUE combo. Just note it’s risky, but if you try it you can find what holes need to be patched and how to patch them. Keep an eye out for those low trajectory jumping attacks.

thanx gandido for reminding me


actually, it can work on both sides. on 2P side, it works fine. on 1P side, you have to do it differently but gives you more time to buffer. if you land the flip kick and you have a level 3, just do it really fast and it should connect for all hits. if you have a level 1, do it late and then chun should turn around and hit the opponent for all hits of level 1. i don’t know about a level 2 for c-groove.

raging demon set-ups. a couple of them were listed but there are more. with akuma, blue-fusion already posted up about RD after hurricane kick but this is most effective as your opponent is getting up from a knockdown. another set-up as your opponent is getting up, raging demon, but make sure only a s.lp comes out so you have to do it pretty fast. another set-up is doing it after a jump-in. jump-in, run up into raging demon. they have to be ducking though for the s.lp to wiff, you shouldn’t be getting anything other than a s.lp when you are executing a raging demon. another set-up is during akuma’s lp rush. c.lp, run raging demon, they have to be ducking also and won’t work on bigger characters.

bluefusion: you can’t RC supers. technically, you can, but it won’t give you any extra invulnerability.


Blue Fusion: please post any more strats w/ raiden, I read the other strats and they work great. much appriciated


I’ve played Raiden maybe twice since the game came out, so I don’t know any set-ups yet. The one I got was told to me, so I’ll have to do some experimenting. I think he has good potential for schenanegans. So does maki, she has mad air schenanegans. There’s one more I’ve seen for raiden. After a knock down you can do his gut punch-to-throw special. If timed right the punch will wiff way early and the throw will grab them as they wake-up.

C-groove Ryu:
Jumping strong punch to dash beneath setup. After you cancel a lv 2 hurricane super they will be in SNK juggable. however, you gotta get them air born for it to work. Bust out jab, jab, c. rounhouse (yes it combos) canceled to lv. 2 hurricane super, cancel after the second hit with a hurricane kick (it must wiff), they will reel behind you. Jump up and score some strong punch action. There’s hella other good ways to set this up, like after lv. 1 fireball super to lv. 2 hurricane in corner, or air hurricane to lv. 2 hurricane. Just experiment.

new juice comin up


how are these advanced set-ups? raging demon set-up is too good. these "advanced set-ups are good for beginners, though.

imo, this thread is more strats then it is set-ups.


I can’t say this 100%(since I can’t RC for shit), but I read recently that RCing throw supers increases their range. Which is probably the only advantage to RCing supers.