CvS 2: Advanced set-ups


lol, at least, you know how to rc, im still trying to learn how to do it


Akuma… kinda like what AKS said:

after a knockdown… here is a 50/50.

do a crossup meaty j MK, afterwards… if they block it… do st LP whiff if they are ducking into RD. If they are try to continue to stand to block the st LP to prevent the whiff into RD… then you can mixup w/ cr LK X 3 into super. It is hard as hell for someone to get out cuz it happens so fast… you can reversal DP out of it w/ certain chars… but it has to be a FP DP cuz jab and strong come down too quick.


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Do they have to crouch the hurricane kick or take cuz if they take it blocking, my RD is escapable, if they take it w/o block, they fly up, and if they crouch i fly over them and my RD gets screwed up because i input lp, lp ->, lk, hp, when i press ->, im on the opposite side so i input RD wrong and it doesn’t come out…


Mai has the ghetto jab trap using close


Akuma and Ken:

Jump-in hk (if they block), c.hkxxxqcb+jab. this keeps u on your opponent instead of being pushed back after the block Usually after the your opponent won’t expect the buffered command roll so they stop blocking. By the time you finish your roll u’ll be able to attack them. If u replace jab with fierce it will allow u to cross-up, but u have to get the timing right. from there u can combo or land a super.


i’ll add something. it not set ups or tactics. something useless or useful. i don not take credit for this. thnx to buktooth for the info.

morrigan - her super which makes her fly out of the screen is FULLY invincible. easy baits. morrigan can now do anything after she lands. now to mention the juice. this super does NOT have to be level three for it to be invincible. it can also be done on level 1. this super on level 1 is fully invincible.

that’s all. for most, this was useless, but for morrigan players, this could be new for them.

this will be my one and only thing i will add to this. if you guys already knew about this, sorry for the old news.


For that old Morrigan trap it’s also good to mix-up with her command throw

Ex. Strong XX Jab Fireball XX shortest possible run (no Roundhouse) ->land Command throw

you get a knockdown and just repeat with Jab fireball…unless they have lvl3 of course.


About akuma’s RD from hurricane. Yes, they must duck, and then you bust it out as you land RIGHT next to them. If you raging demon next to a crouching opponent it’s unescapable at throw range, they go into standing frames then you grab. Can also be used as anti-air, although REALLY hard.


bluefusion - ummm, when did i rip on this thread. all i said was it was more strats than it was set-ups. only set ups i see is raging demon, thats it.

and me saying that this was good for begginers is becuz all this stuff should have been known in previous SF games. like that jab rush like poke, but what do i know. i only know weak ass bulshit.